What movies on Netflix are actually scary?

1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images) /
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Is 1922 actually scary?

Horror fans can’t get enough of Stephen King, so it makes sense Netflix would try to get their hands on as many of the infamous author’s works as possible and turn them into spine-chilling cinematic endeavors to efficiently fill subscribers with fear.

1922 is yet another well-executed example of great original horror form the streaming powerhouse that stars Thomas Jane, Neal McDonough, and Lost in Space’s Molly Parker. The film is based on the 2010 novella of the same name that tells a dreary story of guilt and how our darkest secrets never stay buried. One way or another, they find their way to the surface, and so does the punishment that follows.

1922 takes the harrowing tale of a man named Wilfred, who kills his wife with the help of his son in order to keep his land. But over time, his guilt starts to weigh on him causing him to see haunting visions of his wife’s corpse, not to mention the constant influx of rats making their presence known more and more as the unnerving narrative progresses. Overall, the motion picture written and directed by Zak Hilditch is, without a doubt, a chillingly effective and extremely moody feature that Netflix subscribers will not want to continue to sleep on if they haven’t already experienced the harrowing period piece.