What movies on Netflix are actually scary?

1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images) /
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what movies on Netflix are actually scary The Ritual - Netflix - Friday the 13th
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Is The Ritual actually good?

The wilderness can be an unforgiving place full of darkness and secrets that we city dwellers can’t even comprehend and no one ever really knows what to expect when venturing off into the forest. Taking advantage of the desolation, anguish, and fear of being lost in the woods where something ancient and dangerous lurks in the shadows is exactly how the Netflix original film The Ritual exceeds all expectations in the suspense department and delivers a creepy experience unlike other films in the genre.

Based on the 2011 novel of the same name written by Adam Nevill, the perfectly paced and brilliantly structured horror flick increases the terror factor as well a the tension superbly as they characters go deeper into the unknown.

The film stars Jurassic World: Dominion and Trying star Rafe Spall as one of four friends that are taking a pilgrimage hike to honor their friend Rob who died while they were out partying and got caught up in a liquor store robbery gone wrong. Rafe’s character Luke could have stepped in to maybe save his dead comrade but hesitated, and that guilt consumes him. On the journey, they take a shortcut through the woods, and all sorts of dreadful things come into play. Something unnatural is out there, stalking them and causing them to see haunting hallucinations. This all leads to up to a final act that no one will see coming making The Ritual one horrifying Netflix original film subscribers will not want to miss.