The Kane Chronicles movies release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

What you need to know about The Kane Chronicles movies release date and more

Netflix officially has movies in development based on the popular book trilogy The Kane Chronicles, written by renowned author Rick Riordan, who is also known for writing The Percy Jackson novels as well. The three books that will be adapted into films will be 2010’s The Ted Pyramid, 2011’s The Throne of Fire, and 2012’s The Serpent’s Shadow.

Riordan, who seems very excited about the ambitious endeavor, made the announcement about The Kane Chronicles movies coming to Netflix via his Instagram page in a short video.

The popular series of books dive into Egyptian mythology with a thrilling story similar to that of Percy Jackson. The Kanes Chronicles tell the story of Carter and Sadie Kane, who are descendants of the Pharaohs.

This is another substantial acquisition by Netflix, which will add nicely alongside such other fantasy hits as Cursed and The Witcher as well as offer steep competition for Disney+’s Percy Jackson series and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series. Now the only question on everyone’s mind is when The Kane Chronicles movies will make their way from the well-crafted pages of Riordan’s literature into their Netflix library?

The Kane Chronicles movies release date

When the news first dropped about The Kane Chronicles movies heading into development at Netflix, they, unfortunately, did not shed any light on when the epic endeavors would make their highly anticipated premiere on the streaming service. It’s probably safe to assume that since the projects are in the early stages, it may be two or three years before the first movie makes its way to join the ranks of Netflix’s finest.

According to Riordan, he has been working out a deal with the streaming powerhouse since last October, which is around the time he made the deal for the Percy Jackson series at Disney+.

This property could be a real game-changer for Netflix, so it’s safe to assume they will not be rushing this property into production. A franchise of this scale takes time and preparation to craft into a compelling cinematic triumph, which is why fans shouldn’t expect a release date to arrive anytime soon.

Whenever Netflix does decide to release The Kane Chronicles movies, given what we already know about the source material, it’s probably going to be worth the wait when it’s all said and done, and subscribers will hopefully enjoy the final product.

The Kane Chronicles movies cast

There has been no information regarding the cast of The Kane Chronicles movies, and it’s safe to assume that any news in that department won’t arrive anytime soon.

Considering The Kanes Chronicles movies are in such early stages of development at Netflix, they probably are still working on figuring out who will make up the cast of these exciting fantasy films.

There are plenty of actors and actresses out there that would love to get a role in any of these features, and landing one of those coveted spots could very easily launch a persons’ career into the stratosphere. A lot of Hollywood’s finest and bold up and comers will be vying for a place in The Kane Chronicles movies on Netflix, especially for the lead roles of Carl and Sadie Kane.

There is no shortage of names for potential contenders, and in the end, whomever Netflix chooses to bring the story to life will be the right call, as they have done a fantastic job casting these types of properties in the past. Whatever happens, subscribers can rest assured that The Kane Chronicles movies are in the right hands moving forward.

The Kane Chronicles movies synopsis

There has been no official synopsis released for The Kane Chronicles movies, but it’s safe to presume what to expect. There is no doubt they will be utilizing the well-written source material from Rick Riordan’s incredibly engrossing stories.

His trilogy of young popular, best-selling adult novels followed the two teen protagonists by the names of Carter and Sadie Kane. These lucky individuals just happen to be descendants of the Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great, and just like in Percy Jackson, they run into legendary gods in the modern-day.

The Kane Chronicles books take on a lot of inspiration form Egyptian history and mythology, leaving room for some enthralling cinematic storytelling and gorgeously realized visuals that will result in a big hit for the streaming service if everything comes together.

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about The Kane Chronicles movies, and subscribers will not want to miss a second of all the fantasy action and adventures that go down when these flicks finally make their way to Netflix.

The Kane Chronicles movies trailer

There are no trailers for The Kane Chronicles movies available at this time, but when one is released, we will be sure to share it with you!

We’ll let you know about The Kane Chronicles movies when we find out more! Stay tuned for more information about the exciting Netflix original film.