Watch the Enola Holmes cast hilariously break character in new bloopers video

On the hunt for a really fun behind-the-scenes laugh? You’re in luck, detective! The recently-released Enola Holmes blooper reel is jam packed with all the hilarious outtakes you could possibly need.

If you haven’t watched this crime-action flick just yet, let’s recap. Based on the young adult novels by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes tells the coming-of-age story of Sherlock Holme’s teenage sister, Enola, played by Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

Not falling too far from the inspector family tree, Enola is no ordinary teen. She begins solving mysteries on her own, attempting to outsmart her older famous brothers during their life in Victorian England.

While we highly recommend adding this Netflix movie to your fall watch list, we’d also suggest these Enola Holmes bloopers, even if you don’t plan on watching the movie anytime soon. They’re that good.

Netflix released the close to three-minute blooper reel on this week. It goes without saying that Millie Bobby Brown is an amazing young actress and a definite fan-favorite on Netflix. However, thanks to these recently released outtakes, Brown has also officially proven herself worthy of the “blooper queen” of our hearts.

For those who follow the Eleven actress on social media, you probably won’t be surprised how often she flosses when there’s downtime on the Enola Holmes set. And it’s not just Millie who keeps the behind-the-scenes laughs coming in from all angles.

High energy and full of surprises, you never know what might happen next in the video. Some of today’s most-skilled actors who worked on the film were caught off guard more than once, breaking character when some ultra serious scenes became unavoidably and unexpectedly funny. And with the fourth wall down, we’re right there with them.

Ready to see for yourself? Watch the reel for Enola Holmes below and prepare yourself for an easy and much needed laugh.

Enola Holmes bloopers

Enola Holmes is streamable now on Netflix.