Does Stranger Things have jump scares?

Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix /

Hello, fellow Stranger Things fans! As you know, the series is a science fiction horror drama that follows a group of friends as they’re hunted by creatures from the Upside Down, a sinister parallel dimension that feeds off of death. The show is insanely popular and if you haven’t seen it by now, I would highly recommend giving it a try.

The series stars Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, a single mother raising her two sons, Johnathan (Charlie Heaton) and Will (Noah Schnapp). When Will disappears, Joyce never gives up hope that her son is alive, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

Police Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) initially doesn’t believe Joyce’s theory that her son is still out there, but he slowly comes to realize that something suspicious is afoot.

After Will’s disappearance, his best friends Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) are determined to find him. Along the way, they meet the mysterious Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), a young girl with a shaved head who has immense telepathic power.

Is Stranger Things scary?

Stranger Things has aired three seasons so far and if you’ve been hesitant to watch because you think the show is scary, I’m here to set the record straight.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like jump scares, then you’re in luck. The scariest scenes in Stranger Things are made so because something suspenseful or alarming is happening. However, the series is not particularly violent or bloody.

Almost every single character death or injury takes place off-screen and any brutality is implied rather than shown. Almost all of the “scary scenes” include an otherworldly monster called a Demogorgon, which lessens the fright for me because the viewer knows it’s fake.

There are very minor jump scares throughout the series, and I’m reluctant to even say that because they are so few and far between. When something negative happens on Stranger Things, you usually know it’s about to happen, whether it’s because of the tone, dialogue, or music.

You can stream all three seasons of the popular series on Netflix.

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