10 must-have products for superfans of The Office

Actresses Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey and actor Steve Carell attend 'The Office' 100th Episode Celebration. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Actresses Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey and actor Steve Carell attend 'The Office' 100th Episode Celebration. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

10 must-have products for fans of The Office

Fans love to collect items from their favorite shows and movies. It is always fun to find some unique things to remember moments from your favorites fondly. The Office merch is all over the internet. Cards, pins, apparel, and other collectibles.

Below is a list of some of the best items for your Office collection. Michael Scott would be proud of you for such a collection. So, get to buying ASAP as possible.

1.The Office Watercolor Throw Blanket

No collection would be complete without Pam’s watercolor emblazoned on a thrown blanket. This was Michael’s prized piece after he bought it at Pam’s art show. He immediately hung it up in a place of honor for all to see.  When Pam left the office after the reunion celebration, she chose to take it with her.

You can get the blanket for $24.50 at Hot Topic.

2. Scott’s Tots shirt

No collection would be complete without a shirt to commemorate the most cringe-worthy episode of The Office, Scott’s Tots. You remember the one where Michael must face a group of kids he promised he would pay for the college tuition if they graduate. He then had to meet them to tell them he couldn’t afford to do so.

You can buy the Scott’s Tots shirt for $20.95 at the NBC Store.

3. Threat Level Midnight poster

Michael’s fantastic motion picture, Threat Level Midnight, starred all the employees of Dunder Mifflin and was written by Michael himself. It was a remarkable tale of a man, Agent Michael Scarn, who had to come out of retirement to save the world. The poster will make your collection complete.

You can get the poster for $14.99 on Amazon

4. Assistant to the Regional Manager mug

Dwight’s title was always a source of confusion. The mug sorts it all out! You, too, can be Assistant to the Regional Manager with this collector’s piece. Proudly carry it around the office and let them mug announce to all what your title is.

You can buy the mug for $13.52 at BoxLunch.

5. Schrute Farms insulated lunch sack

Schrute Farms bed and breakfast offered unique accommodations to those brave enough to stay the night. Now you too can have an amazing piece of memorabilia of Dwight’s beloved farm. I am sure Pam and Jim picked one up in the gift shop when they spent the night there.

You can buy the lunch box for $22.90 at Hot Topic.

6. Somehow I Manage notebook

Michael Scott was always going to pen the self-help book Somehow I Manage. After 15 years in the paper company, he felt he needed to share his wisdom with the world. He was the self-proclaimed world’s greatest boss, after all. Now you can own this magnificent collectible.

You can buy the notebook for $12.40 on Redbubble.

7. Kelly’s America’s Got Talent party mug

Did you attend Kelly’s American’s Got Talent watch party? Neither did Jim. Well, now you can get your personalized mug. Everyone in The Office had theirs after the party; now you can be part of the gang with your own.

You can buy the mug for $13.90 on MugsAndPins Etsy.

8. Serenity by Jan candles

Jan was always such a self-destructive person. Remember when she lived with Michael and had that horrid candle making room? Now, you too can own a Serenity by Jan candle. But this one smells good! You must also read the description on the Etsy page for a great laugh.

You can buy the candle for $17.00 at StormyBlue Etsy.

9. Funko Pop of Dwight and his stapler in jello

Jim was always pranking Dwight, and one of the best was when he put Dwight’s stapler in jello. Now it can be forever remembered with this unique collectible Funko Pop. A must-have for the serious collector.

Get the Funko Pop for $9.00 at BoxLunch.

10. The Office Fun Run water bottle

When Michael hit Meredith with his car, he felt he saved her life when it was discovered she had rabies. He then felt that awareness needed to be brought to others who have rabies. This water bottle will keep you hydrated after your carbo-load with alfredo for the run.

Buy the water bottle for $14.90 at Hot Topic.

Be sure to re-watch The Office on Netflix before it leaves by January 2021.

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