Enola Holmes books age rating: Are they appropriate for kids?

Enola Holmes - Robert Viglaski / Legendary
Enola Holmes - Robert Viglaski / Legendary /

Enola Holmes premiered on Netflix today, and I seriously cannot wait to watch it. I love Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things, and I think she is the perfect actress to bring Enola to life. The movie is actually based on the book series by Nancy Springer, so if you and your kids really liked the movie, you can read the books to get a better look at Enola’s world.

According to the film’s IMDb page, Enola Holmes on Netflix is rated PG-13 for some violence, but is the book series, titled The Enola Holmes Mysteries, appropriate for children?

Are the Enola Holmes books appropriate for kids?

Coming from someone who read the book series as a child, I can tell you that the Enola Holmes novels do not include any unnecessarily foul language, gratuitous sexuality, or any frightful gore.

The books follow a story about a young girl trying to venture out on her own and find her missing mother. Of course, there is some mischief along the way. Enola is a 14-year-old girl embarking on an unsanctioned missing person investigation. She occasionally has to get creative to evade her brothers, but Enola is also trying to escape gender constructs so that she can be herself. I think that’s a pretty positive message!

Want to buy the first book in the series? You can purchase The Case of the Missing Marquess on Amazon here, and you can get the full book set for Kindle with the link here.

If you’re on the fence about letting your child read the books, then I would definitely recommend thumbing through them yourself beforehand. Once you’re satisfied that the books meet your standards, you can let your kids read them with peace of mind.

Considering the series’ overarching mystery and upper-level vocabulary, I would say the Enola Holmes books are aimed at kids between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.

Netflix actually released a video on their YouTube channel of Millie Bobby Brown reading an excerpt from one of the Enola Holmes books. To get a better sense of what the novels are like, check out the video below.

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