Stranger Things season 4 might not resume filming until 2021

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things season 4 filming might be delayed again

Stranger Things season 4 was supposed to resume production in Georgia on Thursday, Sept. 17. Well, that date is almost here, and we haven’t heard anything official about the cast and crew getting back to work.

Instead, one of the Stranger Things stars speculated that filming might not resume until 2021.

According to The Hollywood Reporter interview with Caleb McLaughlin, who stars as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things, offered up “next year” as a time that filming on season 4 could resume.

Here’s McLaughlin’s full quote on Stranger Things season 4 filming, via THR:

"“Hopefully this year, but it may be next year. We have no idea.”"

I have to admit that I’ve been skeptical about Stranger Things season 4 resuming production in September. I want it to happen, of course, because that means we’d get to see the new season a lot sooner than the alternative.

With that said, I understand that it doesn’t seem like Georgia’s handle on COVID-19 is anywhere near where it is in, say, Vancouver where Riverdale and other shows have started or are starting production soon. That creates a lot of problems for anyone and everyone trying to ensure the cast and crew are safe and healthy during production.

The number one priority is to keep the cast and crew safe. That’s the most important thing, and I don’t think anything will happen until they can guarantee that will happen.

What happens is Stranger Things season 4 filming is delayed again?

Well, nothing is the actual answer.

Most importantly, it means that the cast and crew can continue to stay safe and healthy away from the set. Hopefully, another delay would give the powers that be enough time to get the spread of the virus under control and create an environment on set that keeps these actors and the crew as safe as possible.

Stranger Things season 4 would likely be delayed until 2022 if production did not start until 2021. And, depending on when production started, it could be late 2022 before we see the Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix.

These are all hypothetical situations right now. No one knows what’s really going to happen. If they do, they aren’t admitting it publicly. We should, however, begin warming up to the idea that this gap between Stranger Things season 3 and season 4 might be even bigger than we thought it was going to be when production shut down in March.

This is obviously a developing situation. We’ll let you know more about Stranger Things season 4 resuming production when we find out.

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