Project Power 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Project Power is an excellent and intriguing take on the superhero genre that offers up a powerful, action-packed thrill ride of an experience for subscribers to enjoy. The film has seen positive success since its release, and many are wondering if and when Project Power 2 will hit the streets.

This slick, superhero action movie has everything fans love and takes the idea of people getting superpowers to a whole other level. It’s pretty obvious all of us would love to take a pill an be able to become bulletproof or invisible, so it’s pretty safe to assume subscribers would love to explore a world where that is possible much further in Project Power 2.

The MCU and DCEU have taken the genre to new heights, and shows like The Boys and The Umbrella Academy prove its an excellent idea to think outside the box when it comes to new ways of developing great stories that fans of these types of properties will get behind. Project Power is another excellent example of creative storytelling being able to take a bold new direction with the idea of people gaining extraordinary abilities, making Project Power 2 something everyone is eager to learn more about.

As of right now, Netflix hasn’t greenlit a second run of the original film starring Jaimie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. But that doesn’t mean another installment isn’t in the cards, and it just means subscribers have to wait a bit longer for news on when the Netflix movie will release.

Project Power 2 release date

If Netflix decides to pop the pill on Project Power 2, it will be a while before any news regarding a release date makes its way to the streets. It is not uncommon for the streaming powerhouse to take its time with the decision of greenlighting another chapter, as demand and ratings have to be thoroughly vetted before proper consideration can be made.

Project Power had a budget of $85 million on par with most blockbuster action flicks that are able to recoup a majority, if not all of its cost in box office revenue or VOD sales, something that isn’t on the menu for the sci-fi action motion picture. But nevertheless, the film has received good feedback, contains a great take on an extremely popular genre, and left things wide open to keep the party going, leaving the door wide open for Project Power 2.

It usually takes a period of about a year and a half to two years for Netflix to develop and release a sequel, so it’s safe to assume that if Project Power 2 is going to happen, it would also follow that process. There is also the current global situation to take into consideration, and until the COVID-19 ordeal becomes more manageable, Netflix will be carefully considering all options when dealing with new endeavors.

Production on Project Power 2, if it ever does get officially announced, could start as early as 2021, meaning there is a chance the next chapter could hit the small screen sometime in 2022, but of course, this all speculation at the moment.

Project Power 2 cast

Nothing official has been released regarding the cast of Project Power, but it’s safe to assume most of if not all, the major players should be back once again for the exciting sequel. Most followups feature a slew of new and familiar faces, and it’s safe to assume that the next chapter in the well-crafted Netflix franchise’s legacy.

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character Det. Frank is committed to two things, keeping the streets of New Orleans safe from anything, power-driven or not, and finding any excuse to throw down his Clint Eastwood impersonation to seem like a tough guy, meaning he’ll be back in another saints jersey to regulate the world of those that pop the pill.

Project Power also introduced the world to Dominique Fishback as the drug dealer Robin, and as the heart and soul of the film, it would be a tragedy if she was not to return. Her role in the first film was a star-making turn, and it would be interesting to see where her character’s journey takes audiences in a sequel.

Jaime Foxx’s Art said he was done at the end of the first film, but that doesn’t mean the Pistol Shrimp powerhouse and his healer daughter Tracey played by Kyanna Simone Simpson, won’t return for Project Power 2.

Whomever they decide to get to take the pill for Project Power 2, fans will be excited to see what’s in store for all the new and returning players.

Project Power 2 synopsis

Netflix has not released anything regarding Project Power 2, and considering it hasn’t been officially greenlit; there probably won’t be one coming anytime soon. Fans shouldn’t expect to see anything in that department until much closer to the release date.

Given what we saw in the first movie, all the loose ends were essentially taken care of, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more story to tell. There are a lot more powers to explore, and according to the screenwriter Mattison Tomlin, there are still ideas on the table for Project Power 2.

In an interview with Polygon, Tomlin discussed what types of questions they were asking that could keep the story going.

“There were a lot of conversations specifically about the power pill. Is it something that the whole world knows about? Is it something that everybody has? Is it urban legend? And through the development we were always putting that on the table, and judging if we were making the right choices.”

He then went on to discuss what avenues of approach to take with the next iteration and precisely where he thinks the narrative could go in Project Power 2 if it ever does happen.

“We ended up where we ended up in, in large part because we wanted to be able to go somewhere in the event that we’re lucky enough to do sequel. For me, [Power] is urban legend and people aren’t quite sure. And that means there’s a very exciting opportunity: How does the world change once everybody knows that this exists? It will change the fabric of how all of life is potentially lived. And I think that that’s a really cool place to go.”

That seems like a concept for another run that subscribers everywhere would get excited about. With more stories to tell and a screenwriter who is ready to get back to work on the next outing, it seems like everything is in place for Project Power 2 to become a reality. Now it’s all up to Netflix to either swallow the sequel treatment pill and reap the benefits of all its power.

Project Power 2 trailer

There is no trailer for Project Power 2 at this time, and word on the street is it may be a while before one becomes available. As soon as one drops, we will be sure to share it with everyone so they too can feel the power.

We’ll be sure to hook everyone up with the information as it releases to Project Power 2. Stay tuned for any news and updates for the hugely anticipated Netflix sequel.

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