When is The Walking Dead season 11 coming to Netflix?

The Walking Dead will end after season 11

The Walking Dead is coming to an end soon. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in my lifetime.

According to Undead Walking, AMC announced on social media that The Walking Dead is coming to an end after season 11.

AMC revealed that the final season will be 24 episodes, eight longer than most of the other seasons. The Walking Dead season 10 is 22 episodes, though. AMC ordered an additional six episodes after the coronavirus shutdown.

The final season of The Walking Dead will end in 2022. Because millions of Netflix viewers watch The Walking Dead on Netflix and are wondering when The Walking Dead season 11 is coming to Netflix, we wanted to provide a release date projection for the final season of the series.

The Walking Dead season 11 release date on Netflix

Predicting the Netflix release date for The Walking Dead season 11 is quite tricky for a few reasons.

We don’t know when the finale will air. Because we don’t know when the season will end, it’s hard to predict when it will be added to Netflix. So, below, we shared the best-case release date, most likely release date, and the worst-case release date for season 11 on Netflix.

Assuming it ends in the spring, like many of the other seasons, we could possibly see The Walking Dead season 11 in the fall of 2022. That’s the best-case scenario for Netflix viewers hoping to watch the final season.

Normally, old seasons of The Walking Dead were added to Netflix in September or October, a few weeks before the new season premiered. Well, there’s not going to be a new season coming in the fall of 2022, but we’re still hoping to see The Walking Dead season 11 on Netflix in September or October 2022.

If the series finale airs in the fall of 2022, which seems like that might happen, then we would probably expect to see the final season on Netflix sometime in the spring of 2023. This is probably the most likely release window for the final season on Netflix.

It also needs to be mentioned that there might be some variance to that Netflix release date because it is the final season. We’ve seen big delays with final seasons joining Netflix in the past with, I believe, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, two AMC shows. We had to wait about nine months from the series finale until the final episodes of Mad Men were added to Netflix.

So, worst-case scenario, The Walking Dead season 11 is added to Netflix in the summer or fall of 2023, about nine months after the series finale airs on AMC.

We’ll continue to provide updates as time goes on and we learn more information.

The Walking Dead season 10 release date on Netflix delayed

Oh, and we have some more bad news to share with The Walking Dead fans. The Walking Dead season 10 also won’t be added to Netflix this fall, like the old seasons usually do. And, that’s because the season isn’t over yet.

After shutting down production on season 10, AMC ordered additional episodes of season 10, which will air in 2021. The original finale for season 10 will air in October.

Then, the full season will likely be added to Netflix a few weeks before the premiere of season 11.

Stay tuned for more news about The Walking Dead and the new seasons coming to Netflix!