Cuties is coming to Netflix tonight

Cuties -- courtesy of Netflix
Cuties -- courtesy of Netflix /

Cuties is one of the most controversial movies of the year on Netflix

It’s almost time for one of the most controversial movies of the year. Cuties is coming to Netflix tonight.

You’ll be able to watch the French-language coming-of-age movie from 12:01 a.m. PT. Those on the east coast are waiting until 3:01 a.m.

The movie focuses on Amy, an 11-year-old girl who is torn between her dance troupe neighbors and her family’s more conservative way of life. She just wants to fit in, but could that mean going against her mother’s wishes?

It’s certainly not easy being 11. Hormones start surging and body changes happen. It’s one of the most influential times of life, especially for those who are seeing the complete opposite to the way their lives are at home.

This movie marks Maïmouna Doucouré’s directorial debut. She sadly received death threats after the first poster was released; a poster she had no control over, by the way. That was Netflix’s choice.

Controversy surrounding Cuties on Netflix

We have to touch on the controversy surrounding the Netflix movie. Cuties quickly gained a lot of complaints due to Netflix’s choice of poster. The poster, which has since been removed, focused on the over-sexualization of young girls.

However, the movie is actually something focused on calling this thing out. It’s ironic that Netflix would choose to focus on the wrong aspect of the movie.

While at Sundance Film Festival, Cuties was praised for its portrayal of the over-sexualization of young girls. It’s not painting the social media influence on young girls or the short shorts and crop tops in a good light, showing how there’s a pressure on young girls to look and act older than they really are, especially if they want to fit in!

At the same time, there’s the grooming from the other side. The 11-year-old main character, Amy, is being groomed by her great-aunt to become a dutiful wife and mother. She’s being constantly reminded about her culture, despite now living in France. It doesn’t help that Amy’s mother learns that Amy’s father has taken a second wife in Senegal, as is the norm. Is that really what she wants for herself?

It has been review bombed since Sundance, but those reviews are based on the poster, according to Vulture. It’s important to watch the movie first and go in without expectations based on the poster. And now you’ll get the chance.

Cuties is on Netflix from Wednesday, Sept. 9.

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