5 good Netflix movies to watch this weekend: Love, Guaranteed and more

Love, Guaranteed -- Courtesy of Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix
Love, Guaranteed -- Courtesy of Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix /

Love, Guaranteed is one of the good Netflix movies for the weekend

It’s a long weekend. You have time to sit back and watch some great Netflix movies. Now you just need to find the top picks for Labor Day Weekend.

With the first-of-the-month drop earlier this week, there is an overwhelming selection on Netflix. You need help narrowing down your top picks. That’s what we’re here for.

There’s a mixture of content. Whether you want a new rom-com or you’re interested in a sci-fi movie of the past, there’s something on this list for you. Here are five good Netflix movies to watch over Labor Day Weekend.

Love, Guaranteed

We start with the newest rom-com on Netflix. Love, Guaranteed is about a man who wants to sue a dating website. It guarantees love within 1000 days, but that doesn’t happen. So, he wants to sue for damages. Little does he know, but he’s going to fall in love with his lawyer.

She just thinks he’s a loophole shark. Little does she realize is that he’s actually a stand-up guy who has had his heart broken.

Not Another Teen Movie

If you want an old-school comedy, Not Another Teen Movie is now streaming on Netflix. Chris Evans stars as a jock who makes a bet with his friends. He says that he can turn the geekiest girl in the class into a prom queen. Chyler Leigh stars as that geeky girl, who, yes, turns out to be gorgeous.

It’s perfect for American Pie fans, and for those who want to see Chris Evans in a role long before Captain America.

Back to the Future movies

The first of the month saw the Back to the Future movies join the streamer again. It’s time to relive the trilogy. And you know you have to watch all three back to back. They all connect along the way, after all.

The first one is a classic. Relive Marty McFly going to the 1950s accidentally where he needs to make sure his parents get together and save Doc Brown’s life.

Freaks – You’re One of Us

Next up is a German movie for all the superhero fans out there. A woman finds out that she has super strength. She has no idea how the power started, just that she has it. And she’s not alone. There are others with superhero abilities.

Now the group need to figure out what they’re going to do with their powers. And they need to protect themselves from those who want to do them harm because of their powers.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Finally, it’s all about the new Charlie Kaufman movie on Netflix. I’m Thinking of Ending Things was released on Sept. 4, and it is most definitely something to check out. While Love, Guaranteed is a story of love starting, this one is a story of love coming to an end.

When a woman travels to her boyfriend’s family farm to meet his parents, she has to make a choice. Will she end the relationship or try to stick with it? It’s not an easy choice to make. We’ve all been at this point in a relationship, so this is going to feel extremely real and heartbreaking.

Which Netflix movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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