Is I Am a Killer: Released season 2 happening?

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If you’re a fan of the true crime series I Am a Killer, then chances are you’ve already binged the spin-off I Am a Killer: Released.

As reported by Decider, I Am a Killer: Released tells the story of a man named Dale Wayne Sigler. In 1990, Sigler murdered Subway sandwich shop employee John William Zeltner Jr. after attempting to rob the store. When Zeltner Jr. ran to the shop’s backroom, Sigler shot him six times and took $400 from the cash register.

Even though Sigler was initially sentenced to death for the brutal crime, his sentence was altered to serving life in prison after Texas changed its jury selection laws. I Am a Killer: Released catches up with Sigler decades later when he is finally eligible for parole.

As Sigler is released into the custody of his surrogate mother/pen pal Carol and begins adjusting to life outside prison, he explains the time he spent in custody and how he’s changed.

Although some might believe that redemption is really possible for a killer, John William Zeltner Jr.’s family thinks Sigler has evaded justice. I Am a Killer: Released has just three episodes, leaving fans to wonder if there’s more to the story.

Will there be a second season of I Am a Killer: Released?

As reported by TheCinemaholic, the show has not yet been renewed for a second season. The story of Dale Wayne Sigler seems to be complete, but perhaps season 2 could follow another criminal who’s on a path to reformation.

The series was filmed in Texas over a period of three years and it’s entirely possible that there’s another season already in the works. However, there is no official news about season 2 of I Am a Killer: Released.

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