The Boys season 2: Who is Stan Edgar? Giancarlo Esposito explains

Giancarlo Esposito - The Boys (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
Giancarlo Esposito - The Boys (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /

Who does Giancarlo Esposito play in The Boys season 2?

The Boys introduced a new character, played by Giancarlo Esposito, at the end of season 1. Based on the trailer for The Boys season 2, Esposito’s character looks to be a much bigger player in the new season, which premieres on Friday, Sept. 4.

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While comics fans already know a little bit about Stan Edgar, it’s clear that the Amazon series is moving away, a little bit, from the source material and forging its own path.

During a virtual roundtable interview, Esposito explained to Netflix Life who Stan Edgar is, what he’s motivated by, and what to expect from the character in The Boys season 2.

Who is Stan Edgar in The Boys season 2?

Stan Edgar is the head of Vought, and following Stillwell’s death at the end of the first season, thanks to Homelander, Stan is taking a much more active role in the Seven.

From what we know about The Boys season 2, Edgar has brought Stormfront (Aya Cash), a superhuman with incredible powers to the Seven.

When we asked Esposito about what we can expect from Stan in season 2, he had a very interesting answer.

“Well, I can tell you that Edgar is certainly becoming a character that we’re going to want to know,” Esposito says. “And that’s interesting to me because of his investment in protecting Vought, and he has to be the spokesperson person for Vought, and he has to be the leader in charge of the Seven.”

Homelander doesn’t take too kindly to Stan’s new role in managing the super-“hero” squad. While Stan might not seem like he is as powerful as Homelander and the rest of the Seven. He’s definitely someone who shouldn’t be messed with or underestimated in any way.

“I felt as if, you know, someone who was powerful doesn’t have to put it on display,” Esposito says. “They have to appear to obviously have information and know everything that’s going on, which Stan does, and have to make decisions based on what’s right for the company.”

Stan Edgar will butt heads with Homelander in The Boys season 2

Be prepared to see Stan go toe-to-toe with Homelander in the new season. Esposito said there’s no way Stan is afraid of Homelander or the Seven, although he understands how powerful they are.

“Well, all of the Seven, or many of the Seven, and Homelander, at the top of the list, are very interested and concerned with public image,” Esposito says. “At home, it reminds me of a guy who we have an office in our country right now. Like he’s he needs love, he needs to be liked. He needs support. He has self-esteem issues. Oh, you know, he’s so connected to that milk, creepy milk that he drinks. He tells the little boy that he wants to reconnect and have a family.”

“But, Edgar will solidify his place at the top of this company and also have the grace and patience to move the needle,” Esposito continues. “Because I look at these superheroes, and they’re all wonderful, but they’re all human. They’re fallible, and so Stan can manipulate and maneuver them. With Homelander,  the key for me right now, and my vision of where it could go, is Homelander wants to be the star. And, I think what we may discover is that Vought is the star.”

We can’t wait to see what Esposito brings to the table in the new season. There’s something so menacing about this character, and I’m so excited to see Stan clash with Homelander. That’s one of the storylines I’m most interested in heading into season 2.

The new season premieres on Sept. 4!

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