Stranger Things cast feared the show would be canceled

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things cast thought the show could be canceled before season 1

Imagine a world without Stranger Things 2, Stranger Things 3, and even Stranger Things 4. Well, many members of the Stranger Things cast thought that might be a reality after filming wrapped on season 1.

According to a report from Digital Spy, Natalia Dyer recently said the cast was afraid Stranger Things would be canceled after the first season and they’d never get to see each other again.

Dyer made the comments in a recent interview with The Independent promoting her new movie, Yes, God, Yes. 

It’s so wild to think that the cast and crew had no idea if Stranger Things would be good or not, especially now. Looking back, it’s clear Stranger Things was the first show that truly kicked off the streaming era and showed other networks what a viral success these shows could become.

Stranger Things was an instant hit on Netflix and grew more and more popular over the two months after its release. There are only a few shows that have been able to capture lightning in a bottle like that, and this series is one of the first to do it at Netflix.

Honestly, you can’t blame Dyer and the cast of the hit Netflix show for not knowing how the show would be received. Obviously, the idea and story worked on paper, but how it was presented was obviously the difference-maker. Fans fell in love with these characters so quickly, and the fact that fans could watch all eight episodes of the first season at one time helped facilitate that quick success.

David Harbour shared a similar perspective a while back with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about the first season of the show. He, too, thought that the show would get canceled and that his performance was poor during the first season.

It’s probably pretty common for teams to feel like that when filming the first season show or movie that isn’t based on other stories. It’s just wild to think that the show could have been considered bad at that time, especially with how many people turned out to love the show.

Now, it’s the most popular show on the biggest streaming service in the world. What a run!

The series isn’t finishing up anytime soon either. Season 4 is currently on a break from production because of the pandemic, but production is expected to resume soon. We also learned that Stranger Things season 5 is happening at Netflix. And hopefully, we’ll get to see even more seasons of the popular Netflix show!

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