The Office actress reveals how Angela and Dwight would’ve handled the pandemic

The Office has been off the air since 2013, but fans can’t help but wonder how their favorite employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania would navigate present-day life.

As the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately continues, forcing people around the world to isolate themselves and quarantine at home, fans of the show have started to wonder how the fictional paper-pushers at Dunder Mifflin would cope.

One actor from The Office who has been heavily affected by quarantine is Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin on the show. Kinsey has young children who have had to attend virtual classes since the pandemic forced schools to close nationwide.

Angela Kinsey recently partnered with Staples for their “Thank A Teacher” initiative to thank teachers for their support. While speaking to AOL to promote the association, the actress revealed how she thinks Angela and Dwight would be dealing with coronavirus.

Here’s what Kinsey had to say about Dwight and Angela’s hypothetical quarantine situation:

Let me tell you if anyone was prepared for a pandemic, it was Dwight. I feel sure he has a bunker out on Schrute farms. He was ready — he had barrels of water, he had whatever he thought they might need.

Angela Kinsey continued:

Angela is probably happy because it means more time at home with just cats and probably, I would assume, they have a gaggle of children. I think Dwight and Angela are happy. I think they were ready for the lockdown.

There you have it, folks! I think Angela Kinsey is completely right—Dwight would have probably sensed the pandemic before it even happened and would have stocked up on necessary items. I bet there’s no toilet paper shortage on Schrute Farms!

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