5 biggest moments from the Lovecraft Country premiere

Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett-Bell in Lovecraft Country - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO
Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett-Bell in Lovecraft Country - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO /
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Lovecraft Country
Lovecraft Country – Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Morris/HBO /

Best moments from the Lovecraft Country: 2. The car-flipping chase and escape

Atticus, Letitia, and Uncle George stop for a bite to eat at a diner only to find out its walls are white to hide the burns from the fire that was set to it for serving African Americans. Luckily Letitia finds out eavesdropping on a phone call that an angry mob is on the way, so they get the heck out of there in a hurry. Letitia takes the wheel while Atticus pulls out his revolver, to return gunfire to the racist men chasing them.

As the thrilling chase continues, they end up parallel with the same fancy car that has ties to Tic’s missing father, and the luxurious vehicle is putting the pedal to the medal. Letitia hits the gas attempting to pass the car and escape their murder hungry pursuers. But the expensive car pulls in front of the racist men, and some unknown force causes their vehicles to flip out of control, killing the evil individuals. A woman emerges from the vehicle, but understandably shaken up by the entire ordeal, Tic tells Letitia to drive off. If anything, this was a solid indication that Lovecraft Country is going to be one wild ride.

Best moments from the Lovecraft Country: 3. Race against sundown

When Letitia and Atticus get out of the car to explore the area on foot, a known racist sheriff arrives, informing them that this territory has something called Sundown laws, which, from the evil policemen’s description, allows him to kill African Americans caught outside at night. This forces the group to make their way north to the county line with only minutes before the sun sets.

It doesn’t get much more edge of your seat than this harrowing race against time. The entire ordeal serves as a vivid edge of your seat interpretation of Sundown laws that really puts in perspective of those that lived in fear of being out after dark during that time period in history. The show is superbly succeeding at proving that Lovecraft’s creatures are nowhere near the most terrifying, vile creatures lurking in the world.

They do make it only to have another set of racist cops waiting from them in the next county. They are taken into the woods to be killed, letting viewers know not all the monsters in this series are Lovecraft fabrications.