7 good Netflix shows to watch if you like 3%

The Rain season 3 - Per Arnesen / Netflix
The Rain season 3 - Per Arnesen / Netflix /
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The Rain season 3
The Rain season 3 – Credit: Per Arnesen / Netflix /

A list of Netflix shows to watch after watching 3%

With many people’s favorite dystopian thriller series ending, the search is now on for Netflix shows like 3% to help fill the unavoidable void that follows its cancellation. We shared a list of seven Netflix shows to watch if you like 3%. 

Netflix struck gold when it released 3% back in November 2016, and the show has been running strong since that point. As with all great things in life, though, the popular series eventually had to come to an end. With news that season 4 will be the last entry into this world of science fiction greatness, the rush is on to find great Netflix shows like 3% to keep us occupied.

Fortunately, the streaming giant has no shortage of awesome series to fill this void. From dystopian murder mysteries to stories of apocalyptic nature, there’s a little something for everyone. Fans of 3% should have no problem finding a new fandom to occupy their time once their season 4 binge comes to an end.

Netflix shows to watch like 3%: 1. Between

If you’re looking for Netflix shows like 3% that you can finish in one sitting, Between is your best bet. No official announcement was made about the series being canceled, but the last episode aired in 2016 with no mention of a season 3. If you’ve got time for the 12-episode run, you’ll see why so many have fallen in love with the series.

Between tells the story of a small town thrust into a terrifying world when a mysterious disease kills everyone over the age of 21. The government quarantines the entire area – leaving the children and young adults to fend for themselves. Can you imagine a world packed with cornered youngsters? Things get serious fairly quickly.

There are various themes that closely resemble those seen in 3%, but this series paints an apocalyptic vision that’s unlike anything else.

Netflix shows to watch like 3%: 2. The 100

When asking around about Netflix shows like 3%, the most common answer you’ll get is The 100. The show takes place a century after a nuclear apocalypse has decimated the earth. Survivors escaped the planet in a massive space habitat, but in an effort to reclaim and repopulate the world, a group of 100 adolescents have been sent down to the surface.

As of August 2020, there are six seasons featured on Netflix. The seventh season has already premiered and will be the last in the series. By the time the finale rolls around, there will have been 100 episodes for fans to enjoy. If this doesn’t keep you preoccupied for a while, nothing will.