12 The Umbrella Academy facts all fans should know

If you haven’t seen The Umbrella Academy season one or two yet, you’ve been sleeping on one of Netflix’s best shows. The apocalyptic drama series has kept fans invested at every shocking turn, and now that the second season has hit the streaming platform, fans are already pleading for a season three.

But even those who have seen every action-packed episode might be surprised by some of the behind-the-scenes info about the series. These are the top 12 facts every fan of The Umbrella Academy should know.

1. The show was created thanks to rocker Gerard Way.

There’s a reason why so many My Chemical Romance fans flocked to watch The Umbrella Academy when it first debuted. The series is inspired by comics written by lead vocalist Gerard Way.

2. David Castañeda, who plays Diego, wore a wig all of season two.

Apparently, Diego’s long locks weren’t even real.

3.  Many of the Texas scenes were actually shot in northern Ontario.

Tricky! According to show creator Steve Blackman’s interview with Business Insider, the “Dallas” scenes in season two were filmed in Canada.

4. The cast is a big fan of Scrabble.

In between filming the action-packed series, the cast used their downtime to play Scrabble, according to a cast interview conducted by Netflix, which you can watch below.

5. Emmy Raver-Lampman took a tumble while filming season two.

According to Collider, the actress who plays Allison fell so hard, she ripped her pants and twisted her ankle while filming season two. Thankfully, she wound up being okay.

6. The show was adapted from graphic novels.

The Umbrella Academy took inspiration from previously released graphic novels by Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way.

7. It was initially supposed to be a movie.

Yep, according to Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy was first set to be a big screen production.

8. The Number Five actor was only 15 years old when he started filming.

Aidan Gallagher was just a young teen while portraying his worldly, time traveling character in season 1. Now, he’s still only 16!

9. Ellen Page can’t really play the violin.

Page portrayed the brilliant musician Vanya on the show, but she told PopBuzz that her musical skills were all acting.

10.  Aidan Gallagher was late to his audition.

The actor admitted he was late to his initial audition, and he was convinced he lost his chance at landing a spot on the show. Clearly, he was wrong.

11. Gerard Way didn’t have a big hand in picking the show’s music.

That job was surprisingly left to Steve Blackman, according to Way’s profile with the New York Times.

12. Season 3 has yet to be confirmed, but it sounds likely.

According to the show’s creator, he already has the next season mapped out.

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