Charmed season 3 release date, cast, trailer, synopsis and more

Everything we know about the Charmed season 3 release date and more

Charmed remains on The CW’s roster for the 2020-2021 season. Now it’s time to see when Charmed season 3 will head to the network and then when it will head to Netflix.

Things are working very differently this year. In previous years, the top shows on The CW have premiered in the fall. Charmed has been part of that lineup. While it will remain part of the “fall” lineup, even though it won’t premiere until 2021.

Say what? Let’s get into these details.

Charmed season 3 release date

The CW has opted for a pandemic-proof fall season. Instead of running the risk of shows not filming in time, The CW has opted to push some summer shows to the fall lineup. Only Supernatural will be part of the fall lineup, and even that is a little differently.

Charmed season 3 isn’t going to premiere until January 2021. It will air on a Sunday night at 9/8c, taking over the Supergirl timeslot. Supergirl is being pushed further back due to Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy.

There isn’t an exact date just yet. The CW hasn’t even set any fall dates, so the January 2021 dates won’t come for another few months. We’ll update as soon as we have one.

When will Charmed season 3 come to Netflix? That will be eight days after the season finale. What’s going to be interesting is whether the show will have its final in May as usual (meaning a shorter season) or if the episodes will run into the summer.

Charmed season 3 cast

We can expect the three sisters to return. Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, and Sarah Jeffrey will return as Mel, Macy, and Maggie. This show just wouldn’t work without the three of them.

Rupert Evans will also return to the show as whitelighter Harry Greenwood. He may or may not also play his darklighter side. That’s something to wait to see.

Nick Hargrove and Poppy Drayton will likely return as Parker and Abby. The two half-demon characters haven’t been fully dealt with by the end of the Charmed season 2 finale. Due to the coronavirus shutting production down, the showrunners couldn’t wrap up all the storylines, so have had to wait for season 3 to manage it all.

We also hope to see Jordan Donica return as Jordan. He’s certainly gained a great bond with Maggie, and according to TVLine, the showrunners have enjoyed writing for him and would like to utilize the character more.

Charmed season 3 trailer

The third season hasn’t started filming yet. While it does film in Vancouver, it’s not among The CW shows currently looking to film. The focus is on Supernatural as that needs to finish two episodes to get a fall run.

Filming will likely happen soon. The good news is Canada is dealing much better with the coronavirus pandemic than the United States and is starting to open to filming again. All those traveling into Canada will need to quarantine for two weeks, so plans will need to start being made now.

Charmed season 3 trailer isn’t likely going to happen until closer to the New Year. We’ll update as soon as we have one.

Charmed season 3 synopsis

We don’t have an official synopsis just yet. However, we do know that the series will pick up off the back of the second season finale.

Charmed season 2 was cut short by three episodes. Those three episodes could still be used as written for the first three episodes of the third season. In fact, the intention is to use the three episodes, as everyone is happy with how the Faction storyline was wrapping there.

After that, it’s all in the air. There is a chance of a time jump. That was at least the intention when production was shut down. Things may have changed when everyone got into the writers’ room.

We’ll update once we know more.

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