5 Netflix shows to watch if you’re obsessed with The Rain

The Rain season 3 - Per Arnesen / Netflix
The Rain season 3 - Per Arnesen / Netflix /
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Black Summer /

Black Summer

While The Rain deals with a virus in the rain and Van Helsing deals with vampires, Black Summer offers us an apocalyptic series that involves zombies. It’s a prequel to Z Nation, which is also certainly worth watching.

In Black Summer, there’s been a zombie virus outbreak. People are trying to get to safety, but one woman, Rose, has been separated from her daughter. She will stop at nothing to get her daughter back, facing the threat of zombies to do so.

She ends up thrown in with a group of misfits. They all have their own secrets and wishes when it comes to fighting through the hoards of zombies heading their way. Some are looking for missing relatives, while others just simply want to survive. Can they trust each other in this dangerous new world?

This is one of those Netflix shows that you can watch before Z Nation or after it. You don’t need to understand the aftermath to experience the zombie virus outbreak.

There’s currently only one season on Netflix. However, Black Summer has been renewed for a second season.