Is Typewriter season 2 happening?

Netflix (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)
Netflix (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images) /

If you’re a sucker for a good ghost story, then you might want to check out Typewriter on Netflix. People loved the first season so much, they’re desperate to know if Typewriter season 2 is happening.

Set in Goa, India, the horror series follows a group of determined kids on a mission to catch a ghost and provide proof of its existence. After the kids read a haunted book, The Ghost of Sultanpore, they decide to seek the paranormal at an old haunted mansion in their neighborhood.

However, their plans are thrown off balance when a new family and their daughter move into the house.

Typewriter was created by award-winning director and writer Sujoy Ghosh and stars Purab Kohli, Palomi Ghosh, and Sameer Kochhar in the lead roles. The ghost-hunting children are portrayed by Aarna Sharma, Aaryansh Malviya, Mikail Gandhi, and Palash Kamble.

Other actors in supporting roles include KC Shankar, Bijou Thaangjam, and Meenacshi Martins.

Season 1 left off with a ton of unanswered questions, leaving fans to wonder whether or not the series would be renewed for a second season. Although the titular typewriter was thrown off a cliff and set on fire at the close of season 1, there are still plenty of loose ends left to explore if the series comes back.

When is Typewriter season 2 coming to Netflix?

As reported by TheCinemaholic, Typewriter has not officially been renewed for a second season. The first season premiered on Netflix in July of 2019, and since there hasn’t been any news about renewal, it’s not looking good.

It’s been over a year since the series premiered and there doesn’t seem to be a new season in the works. We will update you if there is any new information about the future of Typewriter.

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