5 things we can’t wait to see in Stranger Things season 4

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Stranger Things season 4
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3. There are NINE episodes in Stranger Things season 4

We don’t know this to be true, so I guess I should preface this a little bit. But, it really looks like Stranger Things season 4 will be nine episodes.

TV Line first reported the news that there could be a ninth episode in season 4, and it would explore the backstory of one of the characters. I think it’s Hopper. That makes the most sense because he’s such a huge character, and we still don’t really know much about his backstory aside from the story about his daughter.

We should get to learn more about Hopper’s character in that extra episode. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!

Recently, the Stranger Things Writers tweeted out an image of the completed scripts, and it looks like the fourth season will be nine episodes. I’ve analyzed this at length, and I really think there are nine scripts in the picture.

Take a look below and see for yourself!

Hopefully, we get to see an extra episode in the new season! Fingers crossed!