Dora and the Lost City of Gold is coming to Hulu tonight

Grabs the kids and the popcorn for Dora and the Lost City of Gold on Hulu

Hands up if you have kids who have been begging to watch the Dora the Explorer live-action movie! Well, there’s great news because Dora and the Lost City of Gold is on Hulu tonight.

There isn’t long to wait. On the east coast, you’ll get it at midnight on Aug. 3. That means great news for the west coasters, as it will drop at 9 p.m. tonight.

For those who have Amazon Prime Video, the movie is also heading there at midnight. Paramount Pictures has a licensing deal with both Amazon and Hulu.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a must-watch

Trust me when I saw that I understand your reservations about the Dora movie. When it hit theaters, we weren’t too sure about it. The kids wanted to see it because, well, it was Dora, but we weren’t sure if it was going to be worth the theater prices.

Well, it turned out to be one of the greatest kids movies of 2019. If you love the likes of Spy Kids, this is going to be a children’s adventure movie for you. Dora and the Lost City of Gold is over the top, corny, but most importantly, fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there are some laugh-out-loud moments for adults.

While we start with a young Dora, we quickly move into her teenage years. With her parents exploring the jungle, Dora is sent to live with her aunt in L.A. That means surviving the jungle that is a U.S. high school. Dora just tries to be herself, and you just know how the other students are going to react.

However, she and a small group of “friends” are kidnapped and taken to the jungle. Dora has to go on a mission to find the Lost City of Gold, save her parents, and protect that Lost City from the bad guys. Just another mission for Dora the Explorer.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold will be on Hulu in less than 24 hours.

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