Work It and 5 good Netflix movies to watch in August 2020

Work It is just one of the good Netflix movies to watch in August 2020

There are some excellent Netflix movies coming in August. Here’s a breakdown of the top five to check out.

This month offers something for everyone. Whether you want a superhero movie with a twist or a YA comedy, Netflix has you covered. Everything on this list is a Netflix original movie, so you’ve got plenty of time to watch them. And you’ll get to rewatch as much as you want.

Here are our top five picks for Netflix movies in August 2020.

Work It

Our top pick has to be the YA comedy Work It. Fans of Bring It OnPitch Perfect, and Step Up will want to check out this movie starring Sabrina Carpenter

Quinn Ackerman’s college dreams depend on one performance at a dance competition. She’ll do whatever she can to succeed, which means forming a ragtag group of dancers to win. The problem is Quinn needs to learn how to dance first!

Watch Work It on Aug. 7.


Next up is an animated movie that’s perfect for the whole family. Fearless focuses on a gamer who somehow breaks the laws of time and space while he’s playing a video game. Three babies from the game come out of the game, and now it’s up to him to babysit and save the world at the same time.

That’s simple, right? If you love the likes of Home and Bolt, this is going to be one of the Netflix movies for you.

Fearless is available on Aug. 14.

Project Power

Are you ready for a superhero movie that isn’t connected to DC or Marvel? Project Power is the place to turn, starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback. There’s a mysterious new pill in New Orleans that will unlock superpowers in everyone. You just don’t know what your power is going to be until you take the pill, which could mean something cool like bulletproof skin or could mean death.

Due to the risks, a local cop teams up with a local dealer and former soldier to get the pill off the streets. To make sure it doesn’t come back, the team will also look for the group that created it.

You can watch Project Power on Aug. 14.

Fuego negro

If you’re looking for a horror movie, you’ll need to wait until closer to the end of the month. Fuego negro is heading to Netflix, a Mexican horror movie that certainly sounds intriguing.

A renegade criminal heads to a sordid motel in search for answers about his missing sister. Of course, there are sinister guests, romantic moments, and far more than this criminal expects to gain. It’s out on the same day as Lucifer Season 5A so it runs the risk of being overlooked.

Fuego negro is available to stream from Aug. 21.

The Sleepover

Finally, it’s a family adventure comedy that is going to be worth the wait. Clancy and Kevin are siblings who seem to have a perfectly normal stay-at-home mom. It turns out their mom is actually a former high-end thief living in the witness protection program.

What happens when the identities are leaked? Mom and dad go missing and are forced to pull off a job. The siblings decide they need to team up to rescue their parents. It sounds a lot like Spy Kids but with criminals instead of spies.

The Sleepover is available on Aug. 21.

Which Netflix movies are you looking forward to in August 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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