4 reasons to watch Norsemen season 3 on Netflix

Why you need to watch Norsemen season 3 on Netflix

Norsemen season 3 just premiered on Netflix on July 22. While this show is not popping up on the Netflix Top 10 list in the US, it’s still a great Netflix original series, and you need to check it out on Netflix.

Below, we shared four reasons to check out Norsemen on Netflix!

There are some minor spoilers coming your way for the first two seasons. I will only reveal few key events of the first seasons, so gauge your tolerance, and read on accordingly.

We’re hoping Norsemen season 4 is happening at Netflix, too!

1. Norsemen is unique 

To start, Norsemen has proved itself to be a fantastic show, filled with interesting twists on major historical moments. Certain scenes give you the impression that you just stepped into a time portal where modern politics of comedy have become available to a bygone era of violence and mysticism.

The creators have made sure to capitalize on the low budget of the show in order to create a heightened sense of comedy: Costumes look purposefully shabby, the towns are scarcely populated, and the cinematography can sometimes show certain faults. If it were any other show that attempted to take itself too seriously, these flaws would be a problem. But Norsemen has charmed me by transforming its weaknesses into stylistic choices.

2. Clever storytelling 

If you have followed the first two seasons and have become attached to the characters, then I have some fantastic news for you. What was developed in the opening episodes of the show is now getting more attention because season 3 is one big flashback that enlarges and empowers the stories you have come to love.

This technique, which seems to be in vogue these days, is very appealing to me, personally. Starting a story in medias res then transitioning to an earlier timeline in order to elaborate on what has already become clear is a good way to captivate me as an audience member. But I hope that my opinion does not skew your own. I think the only way for you to judge the effectiveness of Season 3 is to actually watch it! (Sorry for being too on the nose about this).

3. Subverting expectations

Although season 3 takes on a much more serious tone as the show works to develop its characters and environment with depth and detail, Norsemen never loses the magnificent quality of its comedy. I think that the Viking Age is a gold mine of comedic material simply because it has always been viewed with such seriousness and reverence. So, it’s quite easy to subvert this dire and morose tone.

If you enjoyed the comedic techniques of writers Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, I assure you that they are still at the helm of that Nordic ship and did not lose any of that unexpected style you might have come to adore. Despite the darker tone of the series, you will still witness hilarious things such as: A Viking corporate meeting to discuss employee management problems, the depressingly funny loneliness of Orm, and Jarl Varg’s blatant childishness.

4. Surprising characters 

What I most enjoyed in Norsemen’s newest installment is the writers’ attention to detail and development. In this last season, we are given so many interesting details on what happened before the beginning of season 1. Certain answers were expected, while others came as a pleasant revelation.

You will be introduced to the events that led to Varg and Olav’s deal on creating a map to the West. Similarly, the show will shed light on the peaceful past that Vargnes and Norheim shared. But the most amazing backstory of the show is that of everyone’s favorite subhuman (that’s the term used in the show) Kark.

I just finished watching season 3 and I am already waiting for the next season impatiently. This show has just done itself a huge favor by going backward in their narrative arc, rather than forward. This unexpected turn of events has created a much more endearing, exciting, and worthwhile series.

I can’t wait for season 4. So I’m just gonna make it simple for you. If you want to enjoy Norsemen a lot more than you already do, go check out Season 3 as soon as possible.

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