The Stranger season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more

Based on the book of the same name by Harlan Coben, The Stranger was released on January 30 of this year, and it quickly became one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The eight-part British mystery series follows a mysterious woman (the eponymous stranger) who wreaks havoc on the residents of a town by blackmailing them with their secrets.

The Stranger season 2 release date

UPDATE: Although it had been previously believed that The Stranger season 2 was coming, it doesn’t seem true as of now. No new episodes have been added to Netflix, and we haven’t heard any news from the series’ creators. As for the show’s cast, Richard Armitage (who plays Adam Price) has been active on social media, but hasn’t posted anything about the show. The same can be said for Hannah John-Kamen (who plays The Stranger).

As of now, we’re just waiting to hear any information we can get.

The Stranger season 2 synopsis

Not only did Coben write the book that the show is based on, but he also served as the series creator. During an interview with Digital Spy in January, he was pretty adamant that the show was only meant to be one season.

“We don’t think it’s fair to have one of those shows where they don’t give you all the answers, and you have to wait until season two before you get it,” Coben said. “This is a closed story. You learned all the answers by the end, and the ending is tremendously satisfying.”

That being said, the synopsis of The Stranger season 2 is a mystery.

The Stranger season 2 cast

In the same interview, however, Coben also hinted that if there ever was a second season, most of the characters that appear in season one could return. “Could some of the characters return to season two? Maybe, but that’s not our plan,” he explained. “I never say never, but it’s not our plan. Our plan is to give you one great, great season.”

The Stranger season 2 trailer

There still aren’t any official trailers or teasers. We’ll just have to keep on the lookout for any more news about the upcoming next installment.