Cursed season 2: Netflix needs to renew the hit series


Netflix should renew Cursed for season 2 and announce it soon

After hits like Letter to the King and The Witcher, Netflix continues to add to its already impressive list of fantasy dramas with Cursed. The medieval show based on the illustrated novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler has fans around the world eagerly anticipating any news on Cursed season 2.

Netflix hasn’t announced anything regarding news of Cursed season 2, but that isn’t necessarily shocking at this point in time. The streaming powerhouse never rushes to greenlight a new season and carefully assesses whether or not there is enough demand to warrant more episodes.

Netflix needs to renew Cursed for season 2, though, and for multiple reasons. Obviously, this show is very popular. It was the no. 1 show on Netflix until The Kissing Booth 2 dropped this weekend.

Along with that, there is plenty more story to tell regarding the Arthurian legend, and it would be a shame to close things out after the Netflix original has become such a hit with subscribers.

Considering how things left off in the thrilling conclusion to the enthralling first season of the Netflix original, we have a few good ideas of where the series could go in Cursed season 2.

The Church’s alliance with the Vikings has collapsed, and after Nimue took a bunch of arrows protecting Merlon falling into the depths of the river below, there is concern over who will protect those she was defending. There is still much of the legend to explore, and there is a good chance Nimue might magically return to save the day once again.

There is also the reveals of other major players of Arthurian legend that came into the mix. Lancelot was actually the Weeping Monk all along, and Squirrel is none other than Percival, both of which are Knights of the Round Table in the making, leading many to believe they’ll be a big deal in Cursed season 2.

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about another run of the Netflix original, and it will be interesting to see what happens if Cursed season 2 is going to go down.

The first season of Cursed was an expertly crafted, fantastical affair, and it would be surprising if another chapter of the Netflix original wasn’t in store for subscribers some time down the road. Hopefully, there is a prophecy out there that has the streaming giant making Cursed season 2 a reality sooner rather than later.

Cursed season 2 release date on Netflix estimate

Assuming Cursed is renewed for a sequel season, it’s safe to think that it will be some time before an official release date arises. Since its pretty fresh out of the gate, Netflix may want to revel in the first season’s success a bit longer before deciding on the fate of Cursed season 2.

It’s not uncommon for a gap of a year or longer to take place in between seasons of Netflix originals and given the attention to detail with the effects, set design, costumes and story, its probably safe to say it will take the creators a bit to get Cursed season 2 ready.

There is a slight chance another season could make its way to the streaming platform in 2021, but it would probably be in the second half sometime at the earliest. Realistically it seems more likely the Netflix original will not return until 2022, but nothing is set in stone yet.

The Coronavirus pandemic is still a severe issue, and that will probably have an effect on the decision regarding if and when Cursed season 2 will arrive.

We’ll be sure to keep fans up to date on all the news surrounding Cursed season 2 as it comes out! Stay tuned for more information about the next season of the hit fantasy Netflix original series.

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