Helstrom season 1 release date, cast, episode synopsis and more

We now know Helstrom season 1 will hit Hulu this fall

We’ve known for a while that Helstrom was coming to Hulu sometime in 2020, but we now know when: This fall. We still don’t have an exact release date (although Inverse reported it could be October 16), but we do know it will be this October as part of Hulu’s Huluween programming.

Fitting. After all, this new live-action series has a supernatural connection and characters with dark origins and a dark purpose. We’ll get to that, but first, let’s examine who the lead cast will be and the characters they’ll be playing.

Helstrom season 1 cast: Meet the Helstroms

The Hulu version of Helstrom will star Tom Austen as Daimon Helstrom and Sydney Lemmon as his sister, Ana. Their characters are based on the Marvel Comics characters and siblings Daimon and Satana Hellstrom.

In the comic, Daimon and Satana’s dad is Marduk Kurios, a demon lord who liked to present himself as Satan. Their mother, Victoria Hellstrom, is human and who went mad upon learning that her husband was a demon and that she gave birth to demon offspring.

Did Daimon inherit evil from his dad but also his goodness from his mom? Seems so and that presents internal conflict galore, with the good usually finding a way to prevail.

However, it’s not easy. It doesn’t help that their dad encouraged both Daimon and his sister to embrace their inner evil.

Daimon refused. He became a professor of anthropology and an occult investigator, demonologist and exorcist who sought to battle the world’s dark forces. Satana, on the other hand, was all-in and embraced her role as a succubus. Until she didn’t and became a reformed villain.

In the Hulu adaptation, Daimon and Ana’s dad is a serial killer, the siblings have a complicated dynamic, but they seem to work together to track down and deal with humanity’s worst.

Co-stars include Ariana Guerra (Gabriella Rosetti), June Carryl (Dr. Louise Hastings), Alain Uy (Chris Yen), Robert Wisdom (Caretaker), and Elizabeth Marvel (Victoria Helstrom, Daimon and Ana’s mom).

This is the last Marvel live-action series to launch outside of Disney Plus.

Helstrom season 1 synopsis: The first three episodes

Syfy shared a first look at stills from Helstrom as well as plot descriptions for the first three episodes, which include:

“Mother’s Little Helpers”: Daimon Helstrom investigates a possessed young boy in Oregon. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Ana Helstrom stages an auction to expose a criminal. Disturbing events at St. Teresa’s cause concern as the siblings estranged Mother remains hospitalized.

“Viaticum”: A horrific accident leads Daimon and Gabriella fighting to save a man’s soul, while a dark force attempts to stop them. Meanwhile, Yen’s relationship with his work takes a dark turn towards obsession, and a discovery leads Anna back to St. Teresa’s.

“The One Who Got Away”: Daimon and Ana learn more about the destruction their father left in his wake. With Gabriella, they pay a visit to a potential victim and find themselves in deeper than they ever could have imagined. Hastings shocks Caretaker with a stunning revelation.

Sounds good right? Time will tell.

One thing’s for sure, though. When Helstrom arrives on Hulu, it will likely find fans ready to embrace it. Especially with the end of series like Supernatural and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Helstrom sounds like something fans of those shows will like.