6 disappointing Netflix shows: 13 Reasons Why and more

Photo: 13 Reasons Why.. Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo: 13 Reasons Why.. Beth Dubber/Netflix /
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13 Reasons Why season 4 - Disappointing Netflix shows
13 Reasons Why – Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix /

A list of Netflix shows that left fans and critics feeling disappointed

In the few years since Netflix started making shows, we’ve seen some excellent Netflix shows, some really bad Netflix shows, and a lot in between.

Some of those Netflix shows we expected to be good and even great, while others were expected to be bad. Some of those shows surprised, and others let us down. That’s the group of shows we want to focus on today: the disappointing Netflix shows.

I always love that feeling of watching a new show and realizing how good a show actually is. It’s even better for me when I’m expecting that show to be good and it still surpasses my expectations. (Hey, Stranger Things!)

But, that feeling can also go the other way, too, and it’s a lousy one. I always try to keep my expectations low so I’m not disappointed, but that doesn’t always work.

Below, we share a list of the six Netflix shows that were disappointing to many critics and new viewers.

These Netflix shows are not the worst Netflix shows. Not by a long shot. Those shows are on another list!

These shows are simply the shows that many fans had high expectations for, only to be let down by the finished product.

I tried to remove my personal bias from these shows. I enjoyed a few of the six shows featured, so I tried to go on the hype of the show, the critical and viewer reaction, and what happened after the release of the season.

So, let’s get to the first of the Netflix shows that left audiences feeling at least a little disappointed, Space Force.