5 good Netflix movies to watch over Fourth of July Weekend

DESPERADOS - Credit: Cate Cameron/NETFLIX
DESPERADOS - Credit: Cate Cameron/NETFLIX /

A list of 5 good Netflix movies to check out July 4 Weekend

There are so many Netflix movies to watch right now. Whether you want comedy or horror, the streamer has you covered. But what about something connected to July 4 Weekend?

You’re possibly stuck back in the house this weekend. Places are dialling back their reopening plans as coronavirus cases increased considerably. So you want to remain inside out of the way.

There is something for all on Netflix. Here are five good Netflix movies for Fourth of July Weekend.


While it’s not a movie focused on patriotism, it is a fun movie to check out this weekend. Desperados is the latest Netflix original film that is designed to make you laugh. This female-led rom-com focuses on a woman who meets Mr. Right, only to send him an email calling him all types of names when she thinks he’s ghosting her.

He’s not ghosting her. He’s been in an accident in Mexico. So, the woman and her friends head to Mexico to find his phone in his hotel room and delete the email before she sees it.

The Patriot

When it comes to celebrating the day America got its independence from Britain, there’s only one movie that you should watch. It’s all about The Patriot. Even if you’ve seen it a thousand times, you’ll want to watch it again.

Mel Gibson and a young Heath Ledger star as father and son in the leadup to the Revolutionary War. Ledger heads off to war and is killed, leading to Gibson to fight for revenge.


This isn’t just a movie for Fourth of July Weekend. This is one of those Netflix movies you need to watch more than once, especially in the current climate. Ava DuVernay takes us through the history of slavery, racism, and segregation in the United States.

Not all of America’s history is positive. Even today, it’s not all good. In 13thDuVernay focuses mostly on the prison system that has a disproportionate amount of Black men and women, but there’s a lot to take away from it. One a day celebrating America’s freedom, it’s certainly important to look at what it means for all.

What a Girl Wants

Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth star in this movie perfect for younger audiences. Bynes plays Daphne, an American teenager who finds out her father is a British politician. It’s election time in the UK, and Daphne needs to decide whether she should confront him and run the risk of him losing the election.

At the same time, her father wants to get to know her. However, does he accept her Americanisms or try to turn her into someone she’s not?

Air Force One

You just can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford. He stars as the President in Air Force One. While on board the titular plane, it’s hijacked by communist radicals. The president and a Veteran need to figure out how to protect everyone on board.

Meanwhile, his Vice President tries to negotiate with the hijackers from the ground. Will it end well for anyone?

Which Netflix movies are you watching this Fourth of July Weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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