The Baby-Sitters Club is coming to Netflix tonight

You can watch The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix very soon

The Baby-Sitters Club will be on Netflix before you know it!

The new Netflix original series is heading to the streamer tonight. There’s honestly not much longer to wait.

Those on the east coast will need to wait until 3:01 a.m. on Friday, July 3. If you’re on the west coast, there’s some good news. It’s dropping at 12:01 a.m. That means 8 a.m. in the UK!

We all know what we’re binge-watching this Fourth of July Weekend, right? Is there anything else that stands out?

The Baby-Sitters Club for book and movie fans

You’ve read the novels by Ann M. Martin and you’ve definitely seen the 90s show and the movies that followed. Now it’s time to see what Netflix does with the new The Baby-Sitters Club series.

We’re taking it back to the creation of the titular group. Our young group of friends will start their babysitting business, and they’re around to make every parent’s life easier.

What if you could ring one number and get a selection of babysitters available for your needs? That’s exactly what the group of friends think when they come up with their services, and parents love it.

There are plenty of 90s throwbacks, despite this show being set in the modern-day. The light-up phone is perfect—and yes, it is iconic!

Each girl has a different skill set to bring to the business, whether it’s understanding the best click-through rates to investment or creating the best advertisements for the business. They will stand out from the competition.

This is all about young girls supporting young girls, while they also try to navigate life. Just like the books you’ll remember, and one of those shows that you know you want to support.

If you’re looking for something to watch over the weekend with the kids, there is no doubt this is the series for you. I know I have two kids super excited about the series!

The Baby-Sitters Club is on Netflix tonight.