Stranger Things season 4: Finn Wolfhard shares filming update

Stranger Things season 4 was ahead of schedule on production

Stranger Things season 4 was ahead of schedule before being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to star Finn Wolfhard.

At this point, fans are very aware of the multiple shutdowns on production of our favorite Netflix shows. One of these shows was obviously Stranger Things. Production on the fourth season of Stranger Things shut down in March 2020 to assure the safety of the show’s cast and crew during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

That being said, fans are hopeful and looking forward to a possible late 2021 release and anticipation is growing by the week. In fact, the Stranger Things writers shared a photo on Twitter of all of the completed scripts for the show’s fourth season! Also, David Harbour (Jim Hopper) recently shared some exciting news that Stranger Things 4 will reveal even more details about Hopper’s past.

There is some good news in the middle of the delay in production, though.

An article from ScreenRant states that one of the show’s stars, Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), shared that the production was moving very efficiently and that they were ahead of their original schedule.

Wolfhard said in an interview with The Guardian :

It was perfect. We were ahead of schedule, which has never happened before, because there’s never a realistic approach to scheduling, and then boom, it just stopped, and everyone had to go home, and everyone’s just so sad…

Despite the fact that production is currently on hold, this is great news to hear! Since the team was moving so quickly, it’s likely that there won’t be as much work to do once production resumes as they originally planned. Even though the production was shut down only a month or so into filming, being ahead of schedule assures that the cast and crew really know how to move efficiently and quickly to make sure we’re getting the best season possible within a reasonable time frame.

The ScreenRant article also states how the writers for the show have been able to keep working during the shutdown of physical production, which is likely how we were able to see a photo of all of the completed scripts from the upcoming season. There likely won’t be as many breaks during filming once it starts up again because of that fact.

Hopefully, the cast and crew can returns safely to production soon and will continue to work hard to make season 4 of Stranger Things the biggest and most exciting season yet!

Be sure to stay tuned as we receive any updates to the production, release date, and content info for Stranger Things 4!