Ozark canceled: Netflix renews Ozark for final two-part season


Netflix has canceled Ozark, renewing the Jason Bateman led series for a fourth and final season

It’s official Ozark fans! Ozark has been renewed for season 4 by Netflix, but the season will be its final season. Netflix announced on Tuesday that the fan-favorite series will be returning in a two-part, 14 episode season, which will wrap up the series.

Reports surfaced this week that Netflix has renewed the series for season 4, but no official word had dropped until today. The farewell season will move from its traditional 10 episodes to 14 episodes which will debut in seven-episode parts.

Chris Mundy will return as the showrunner, executive producer, and writer, teaming up with Jason Bateman himself. Bateman not only plays Marty Byrde in the series but is a show Director himself when he’s not on camera.

Ozark has been one of Netflix’s most popular shows over the years, but we had a feeling the end was near.

Four seasons is usually the average run time for Netflix series and Ozark will be no different. As fans, it’s tough to see a show you love come to an end. But the good thing about shows that do, especially ones like Ozark, you know the product will be pure and will end at the right time. So many times, shows tend to extend and stretch out storylines that later become boring and feel pushed.

Season 3 left many of us speechless and jaws to the floor. The Byrde family was already waist-deep in with the cartel but now it’s clear they’ve jumped fully into a situation in which it’ll be tough to exit without more bloodshed.

As of now, there is no official word on when season 4 of Ozark will begin production let alone be released. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is up in the air at the moment.

Jason Bateman and Chris Mundy have done a terrific job with Ozark, keeping people on the edge of their seats with every episode so far in the past 3 seasons and I expect that season 4 will be no different.

Expect season 4 of Ozark to be bigger and better than ever before.

Stay tuned for all updates and news regarding Ozark season 4 as we will share them with you as soon as we know!

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