Lucifer season 5B: Everything we know so far

What we know about Lucifer season 5B so far

Lucifans were in complete darkness when it came to Lucifer season 5. We weren’t sure when it would premiere and, after learning the new season wasn’t coming in July, felt anxious. Well, out of nowhere, we suddenly have so much information and we love it!

Unexpectedly, the Lucifer season 5 premiere date was revealed to be Aug. 21. We now only have just under a couple of months to wait for new episodes to finally drop after what seems like forever.

Season 5 was due a little earlier this summer, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak had to be pushed back just a bit. Luckily, not too far back as most of the episodes for the first half of season 5 were already filmed.

This wasn’t the only great news that was revealed back-to-back, Lucifans also received the happy news that Lucifer would be getting a season 6! Season 5 was supposed to be the final season, but it appears the Netflix his series is far too popular to end.

Lucifer season 5B release date

These pieces of information have only made us hungry for even more details! We know season 5A drops Aug. 21 and that there will be yet another season sometime in 2021, but what about the back half of season 5?

According to What’s On Netflix, filming for season 5B is set to resume in October 2020. To be specific, the source shares that filming will begin sometime around “mid-October 2020” and will happen in Los Angeles, California.

Please keep in mind that this date can change, it all depends on the pandemic, and if the situation improves by this date or not. Fingers crossed!

I’ve noticed other shows who divide a season have a 6-8 month gap, could we be seeing the same for Lucifer? If so, season 5B may premiere February 2021 or a few months later. What this also means, is that season 6 may not arrive until either late 2021 or early 2022.

Don’t stress, it may seem like a long time from now, but at least several new episodes will soon drop on Netflix.

Keep checking back as we continue to keep all Lucifans posted on the latest! In the meantime, stream Lucifer seasons 1-4 only on Netflix.

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