5 shows to catch on Netflix this weekend: Dark and more

Dark season 3. Image Courtesy Netflix
Dark season 3. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Dark season 3 and more are worth watching on Netflix this weekend

As June comes to an end, we have one more weekend to catch the Netflix episodes released in June before we tackle all the fantastic new episodes that will release in July.  Don’t fret; we have the rundown of the episodes you need to see during the final weekend of June.

Below are the shows that you should check out this weekend on Netflix.


Season 3 of Dark released on June 27. Dark follows the mysterious disappearance of two children, which unearths secrets tying four families together that span over three generations.

Dark is Netflix’s first German-language original series, and the first two seasons were well received.  Season 3 will be the finale for this series, so it will be interesting to see how they wrap up the series.

According to Vox, this series is often linked as a counterpart to Stranger Things.  With both series being set in the 80s and kids wondering about town with weird things going on.


Currently, Netflix has the first four seasons of Lucifer available for streaming.  Get ready for season 5, part one that will premiere Aug. 21.  So, you have plenty of time to binge the first four seasons or rewatch to prepare for the next installment.

If you don’t know, Lucifer Morningstar is actually the devil, and he got bored running Hell and decided to relocate to Los Angeles. He now owns a nightclub and consults for the LAPD.  Many other things have occurred, but you will have to watch it to find out.

For those who haven’t heard yet, Lucifer will be returning for a sixth and final season!

Fuller House

June 2 gave us the remaining episodes of the fifth and final season of Fuller House. What started in season 1 with negative feedback ended up being one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

Fans of the original Full House series were very excited to see more adventures in the lives of the Tanner family and crew.  In the 80s, ABC introduced us to the Tanner family that aired for eight seasons. Nick at Nite then brought us the reruns, and fans just didn’t stop watching.  So, when Netflix announced they would be bringing us more of Tanner’s in 2016, fans were ecstatic.

Although this is the end of the series, you will be able to watch for years to come.


The 10th season of the dramedy Shameless will air on Netflix on July 26. This will give you plenty of time to catch up on the series and be ready to jump right in when the new season airs.

Shameless has been wildly popular on Showtime as well as Netflix. It was announced that there would be an 11th season that will be the finale of the series. There is no news as to when the eleventh season will be able to film, so this means no news as to when it will be able to air.

In the meantime, enjoy the previous seasons and be ready to watch the next season in July.

In The Dark

Another great show to check out before the new season airs on July 24 is In The Dark. Season 1 is available now, so it won’t take you long to be ready for season two in July.

Season 1 of In The Dark follows Murphy Mason, a blind woman with few friends, a drinking problem, and a job she hates. She discovers the body of one of her friends while on a walk with her dog, but before the cops can investigate, the body comes up missing. She then intends to solve the mystery on her own.

What’s next in season 2? Tune in to Netflix on July 24 to find out.

We hope this list will get you through until the newest Netflix releases start coming out in July.

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