Get to know Lucifer star Tom Ellis with these fun facts

Fun facts you might now know about Lucifer star Tom Ellis

Through his role as the devil himself in Lucifer, Tom Ellis has become a beloved member of the Netflix family and one of the brand’s brightest stars.

Lucifans can’t get enough of the devilishly charming actor who for four seasons and counting has played the title role of Lucifer Morningstar. While many fans can easily recognize Ellis from his role and keep up with his activities through social media, there are many fun facts fans might be surprised to learn about the actor. Fortunately, Ellis has never been one to stray away from sharing fun facts about his life as evident during his appearance on the I Hate Talking About Myself podcast.

Although Ellis’s appearance on the I Hate Talking About Myself Netflix podcast originally debuted in late February, his six-minute session started to gain traction after Netflix released filmed snippets of his conversation via its Instagram Stories. In fact, the brief snippets have already inspired a slew of new gifs and Ellis’s responses quickly sparked conversations among Lucifans.

From a prank gone wrong and biggest fears to details on his favorite emojis, here are some of the many fun facts we learned about the Lucifer actor through his must-listen interview.

Tom Ellis would love to be an expert in finance

While Ellis is a man of many talents, he’s admittedly not the biggest expert when it comes to the world of finance. As Ellis jokingly confessed, he’s “useless with money” which is precisely why he’d love to be an expert in finance if gifted with the opportunity to become an expert instantly on any subject.

The purple devil and muscle arm emojis are Tom Ellis’s to-go emojis

When it comes to emojis, Ellis isn’t shy in confessing he’s taken the purple devil face emoji as his own in the last few years. Considering he’s become best known for playing the devil himself, it’s not surprising to learn the emoji is among one of his most frequently use. What is a bit surprising is to know his second-most used emoji is the muscle arm emoji.

“The most recently used emojis on my phone are definitely the purple devil face, which I’ve just kind of taken as my own for the last few years,” Ellis admitted. “Alongside a muscle arm cause I’ve probably text Paolo [Mascitti], my trainer, more than anybody else and that’s how I signoff on my text to him. Sad but true.”

Tom Ellis admits to being obsessed with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

While Ellis might be best known for his role in a Netflix series, one of his recent obsessions happens to be from competitor streamer Amazon Prime. Like many, Ellis is a big fan of the Emmy-winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In fact, he’s so obsessed with the series that if given the chance to travel through time, he’d jump at the chance to visit the late 50s or early 60s.

Heights and injections are among Tom Ellis’s biggest fears

Although Ellis admits there are many things he fears — including the current state of the world and the political climate — two of his biggest fears happen to be ones many struggle with.

“I’ve never been great with [heights], but I get worse and worse with them as I get older,” Ellis revealed before noting that he’s also terrible with injections. As he revealed, when it comes time for shots, he’s a big passer outer.

Tom Ellis once made a colleague cry with a prank gone horribly wrong

Like everyone, Ellis has played his fair share of pranks over the year but his most memorable prank happened to go horribly wrong, resulting in the pranked colleague bursting out in tears.

As the story goes, while working on a film alongside fellow young men, Ellis and his co-stars developed an ongoing habit of pranking one another at lunchtime.

“I had just been working on a movie with lots of young men under 25 and there was quite a lot of banter and pranking on this movie,” Ellis reminisced. “At lunchtime, if there was any kind of dessert that involved custard, ice cream or anything like that, you’d ask someone does that smell funny to you. As they put their nose towards it, you’d slam it in their face — which I found hilarious.”

Recalling the fun had at his previous job, Ellis decided to try the prank on a young runner on his next job who he had become pals with. Unfortunately, when Ellis pulled the prank off one day at lunch — smashing a creamy trifle in the face of his colleague — her reaction wasn’t quite what he expected.

“I thought she was about to start laughing and she burst into tears and ran off the dining bus. Everyone was deathly silent and looked at me and I felt terrible and had to grovel for about three days,” Ellis revealed.

Among the other fun facts shared by the Lucifer star during his I Hate Talking About Myself podcast episode include details on how his dad’s job as a chaplain for a local soccer team led to his first encounter with a famous individual, his complicated relationship with social media, and the identities of the two comedians who helped to influence his sense of humor.

Lucifer seasons 1-4 are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 5, Part 1 arrives Friday, August 21.