15 good Netflix shows in danger of being cancelled in 2020

OZARK - Jason Bateman and Laura Linney - Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX
OZARK - Jason Bateman and Laura Linney - Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX /
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These 15 Netflix shows haven’t been renewed yet. Are they safe?

The entire film and television industry has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Work stopped on shows and movies that were already in production, and the question of safety makes studios question when work can resume in the future. There are a number of Netflix shows sitting in renewal limbo at the moment, and their futures are uncertain as the streaming giant decides how to move forward.

Traditionally, networks tend to issue renewal news in late spring after they have had a chance to see how shows have performed in the first few months of the year, but the Netflix model has shifted so that renewals can come at any point. Some shows are picked up for additional seasons immediately upon their debut while others take some.

What we do know is that the entertainment landscape will continue to shift as studios struggle to produce new content in the coming months and years, and that could play into decisions being made for shows already on the bubble.

Netflix also has a lot more competition in 2020 than it had a year ago, with the debut of HBO Max and the upcoming Peacock, so the decision to move forward with shows must be done with care. Gone are the days of shoot from the hip decisions that may or may not pay off. Each show is evaluated under a microscope, and the decision to renew – even with “hit” shows – is harder than ever, and as a result no show is safe until they receive the green light from Netflix.