Netflix movies: Watch the trailer for Desperados starring Nasim Pedrad

DESPERADOS - Credit: Cate Cameron/NETFLIX
DESPERADOS - Credit: Cate Cameron/NETFLIX /

There are some great Netflix movies coming this summer, including Desperados

Summer is almost upon us, and we require some new Netflix movies to kick off the summer season. Luckily, Netflix is ready to accommodate us by releasing an original comedy, Desperados, on July 3.

Desperados is the comedic escape from our current reality that we all deserve. It focuses on a trio of friends who must travel to Mexico to undo a mess one of them has created.

Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp, and Sarah Burns star in the movie as the three best friends. They’re joined by Lamorne Morris, Robbie Amell, and Heather Graham in the new Netflix movie, according to a report from PopSugar.

As you can see from this list of comedic actors, this will be a fun comedy to watch and forget about life for a while. Pedrad and Morris worked together on New Girl and had great chemistry there, so that is encouraging.

Netflix movies: Desperados trailer

From the trailer, we can see that a heart was broken, wine was consumed, and an email that should never have been sent was, in fact, sent.

Wesley (Pedrad) has been having a hard time with relationships until she meets Jared (Amell). He is the man of her dreams, but when he doesn’t call her back, she assumes the worst. Enter in the best friends and a little, or a lot, of wine, and that is when things take a turn. They discover Jared had an accident in Mexico, which didn’t allow him to contact Wesley. But, of course, this is after a hateful email had already been sent. So, naturally, they all must travel to Mexico to delete said email.

What could go wrong?

There is a Bridesmaids/Bad Moms vibe that I am picking up from this trailer.  This movie has excellent elements, the ex-boyfriend Sean (Morris), two best friends in Brooke (Camp) and Kaylie (Burns), a girl’s trip to Mexico, obsession, emotion, and, hopefully, hilarity. What more could you want?

Be sure to check out Desperado on Netflix on July 3! Stay tuned for more news about the new Netflix movie. While you wait, check out these movies on Netflix!

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