Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline are dating in real life

OUTER BANKS - Credit: Netflix
OUTER BANKS - Credit: Netflix /

Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline confirm they are dating

We heard some, hopefully, good news to share with Outer Banks fans, and no, it’s not that Outer Banks season 2 has been ordered at Netflix, although we really, really, really want that to happen.

Stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline are dating. According to a report from E!, Stokes confirmed the couple have gone public with their relationship. Stokes announced the news via Instagram.

In the Netflix original series, Stokes plays John B, while Cline plays Sarah, and the characters are also in a relationship in the series. Although the Pogues are mad about it at first, they eventually warm to Sarah and welcome her into the group, turning the foursome into a fivesome.

Check out Stokes’ Instagram post and pics below!

Outer Banks season 2 renewal and release date news

Unfortunately, we don’t know if we’ll get to see Stokes and Cline reprise their roles of John B and Sarah in Outer Banks season 2 because Netflix has yet to confirm the renewal. We’re still very hopeful that we’ll get to see what happens to the young lovers, who, at the end of the season, were headed for the Bahamas to steal back their treasure, and the rest of the Pogues.

It’s only been two months since the series premiered on Netflix. If the show is coming back for season 2, we should be finding out pretty soon.

With that said, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a ton of problems in the entertainment industry. It’s possible Netflix could be holding off until we find out more information about production timelines and more.

We have a good feeling Netflix will be renewing Outer Banks for season 2 based on the hype and buzz surrounding the first season. There’s so much more story left to tell, and that’s the most important thing after the fan support. There are possibly four or five seasons of Outer Banks in the works right now!

I can’t imagine why Netflix would cancel this series after one season. It’s just too good and too addicting to not come back for a few more seasons. And, the fans definitely want to see it!

Stay tuned for more news about the Outer Banks season 2 release date. At this point, it’s probably going to be a while before we see any new episodes!

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