Paley@Home brings Ramy panel for all fans to enjoy

Ramy is the latest Paley@Home offering through YouTube

With PaleyFest unable to happen in the usual way, the team has found a way to still bring great content. Initial, Paley@Home was all about older panels, but now the casts and crews of shows have got together for home-based panels. Ramy is the latest to join the YouTube channel.

Fans can check out the full 33-minute panel right now. Ramy Youssef is joined by his co-stars May Calamawy, Laith Nakli, and Steve Way to discuss the show. Of course, one of the biggest discussions is about the underrepresentation of the everyday Muslim-American life. This is something the series has always been praised for, getting rid of the stereotypes and focusing on raw, honest depictions.

Calamawy also talks about Dena and the struggle of cultural double standards, while Nakli talks about Uncle Naseem’s life as a closeted gay man. We’ve seen the characters develop slowly throughout the course of the past two seasons, and there’s hope for more should Hulu renew the show for a third season.

Hopes for Ramy on Hulu

Youssef opens the panel, talking about what he hopes the show offers for fans. His biggest hope is that it offers a chance for people to get closer to their questions, even if it’s just having the courage to ask the questions. Ramy is full of them throughout the series, growing as a person and in his faith.

There is certainly a discussion about how important Ramy is for Western TV shows. Youssef makes a comment about 24 and Aladdin being the only real stories, and even then they were limited. And while the cast chuckled at the comment, it is something that has been talked about in recent years with viewers wanting more from TV creators. Ramy is a chance for that.

This is certainly not a panel you want to miss out on. Paley@Home has offered some excellent discussions in the past, focusing on older panels. Now it’s time to bring the cast of various shows together, and Ramy‘s cast is one of the first.

There are more to come throughout the month. SnowpiercerFirst Wives Club, and more will available.

Check out Paley@Home panels via The Paley Center for Media YouTube Channel.

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