Rivedale season 5 could be cleared to start filming soon

Riverdale -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW
Riverdale -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW /

Riverdale season 5 could be cleared to restart production this summer

Riverdale season 5 might be starting production in the near future!

According to a report from ComicBook.com, the government of British Columbia is allowing film and TV production to resume in Vancouver, which is where Riverdale is filmed. The report also mentions each production be required to come up with a safety plan to ensure the safety of cast and crew.

Obviously, this is exciting news for fans who are hoping to see the cast and crew get going on the new season soon.

There are a few other hoops to jump through right now, though, before production actually begins. According to the report, the border is closed between the US and Canada except for “essential” workers until later this month. Along with that, the Canadian border is closed to those traveling from other countries for even longer. So, the cast and crew might not be able to get back to set until the border is officially reopened.

Then, once the border does open, there’s the two-week quarantine for all those coming into the country. That means production wouldn’t start for at least two weeks after the border is open.

Although production is cleared to start again, Riverdale season 5 likely won’t start filming until July at the earliest. That’s when production usually starts for the series when they are shooting for an October premiere.

Riverdale season 5 premiere date on The CW delayed

The CW has pushed Riverdale season 5 back to January 2021 to help give the creative teams time to write and film the new season. So, there’s really no rush for everyone to get back to Vancouver to start filming immediately. They have plenty of time to start on the new season for the January 2021 premiere.

When Riverdale season 5 does start filming again, the show will probably look and feel a lot different than previous seasons. And, no, I’m not just talking about the five-year time jump.

We’re hearing a lot of interesting things about how the coronavirus pandemic is going to reshape many of the scenes and stories we’re so used to seeing in Riverdale.

Romantic scenes and scenes where characters are close together will likely need to be changed to ensure cast and crew safety. We could also see changes to sports scenes, fight scenes, and other scenes that require the characters to be in close contact for hours and hours during a day of production.

It will be interesting to see how these shows proceed with these new restrictions placed on production and the writers. They’re the ones who craft these scenes after all.

Stay tuned for more news about Riverdale season 5! We’ll update you when we find out more information about production.

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