5 canceled shows Netflix should save like Lucifer and Fuller House

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Netflix would make a lot of fans happy by reviving these canceled shows

Netflix has had a ton of success by reviving canceled shows. We’ve seen Netflix make bigger hits out of Gilmore Girls, Longmire, Fuller House, Lucifer and more.

While the streaming network has gotten out of the revival game lately, there are plenty of opportunities for Netflix to bring back canceled shows and give fans a little bit of joy and end the series the right way.

We shared a list of five good canceled shows that would make great Netflix original revivals!

Canceled shows Netflix should save: Hannibal

Netflix and Hannibal have been linked since NBC canceled the series in 2015. The series ran for three seasons on the broadcast network, but unfortunately, the show never really had the ratings NBC was looking for, and the series was canceled.

Netflix tried to save the series if the rumors are to be believed, but they couldn’t come to an agreement. From what I understand, there were issues with the streaming rights to the series.

Creator Bryan Fuller has been talking about a Hannibal revival for years, as have many cast members, including star Mads Mikkelson. If Netflix was interested in a revival, I have no doubt the creative team and cast would jump at the opportunity.

Now, Netflix has licensed the streaming rights to Hannibal. The three seasons of the series were added to Netflix on Friday, June 5.

I could see Netflix using the next few months as a trial run to see if fans will watch the series on the streaming service. If enough fans are interested, maybe Netflix could work something out and revive this series.

This show should have never been on NBC, honestly. This is a cable or premium cable show. Netflix would be the perfect home for Hannibal season 4. There are so many more things that the creative team could do with this story if it was on Netflix with language and more mature content.

I’m hoping for a Hannibal revival at Netflix, so should you!