Hannibal season 1 is streaming on Netflix, but where are seasons 2 and 3

Mads Mikkelson - Hannibal (Photo by Gennady Avramenko/Epsilon/Getty Images)
Mads Mikkelson - Hannibal (Photo by Gennady Avramenko/Epsilon/Getty Images) /

Hannibal season 1 has arrived on Netflix, but season 2 and 3 remain unavailable

From the moment Netflix first announced that all three seasons of NBC’s hit drama Hannibal would be making their way to the service on June 5, Fannibals have been early waiting for their chance to rewatch the series from the beginning.

With June 5 upon us, Hannibal has indeed arrived on Netflix; however, there’s just one little problem: currently, only one season of the show is available for streaming.

As fans have been quick to notice, despite Netflix’s original promise for fans to be able to view all three seasons of the series beginning June 5, the only season which has been added is the series’ first season. While Hannibal season 1 arrived as anticipated at 3:01 a.m. ET, seasons 2 and 3 are nowhere to be found on the service.

Considering Netflix originally advertised all three seasons of the show arriving on Netflix on the same date, the glaring absence of seasons 2 and 3 of Bryan Fuller’s acclaimed drama has many fans left feeling confused, and rightfully so. So why exactly aren’t all three seasons of Hannibal currently available on Netflix?

Why aren’t Hannibal seasons 2 and 3 streaming on Netflix?

After noticing only the first season of Hannibal had been added to Netflix, many fans were quick to contact Netflix via various channels including the Netlfix Customer Service forum. Unfortunately, not much information has been provided to inquiring subscribers in regards to why exactly seasons 2 and 3 have not yet arrived on Netflix.

As one user who claims to have spoken with Netflix revealed, no one seems to be able to say why Hannibal seasons 2 and 3 aren’t available for streaming both in the United States and Canada:

According to a report from What’s on Netflix, while the Netflix Customer Support team wasn’t able to provide any direct or new information they did hint that the issue could be connected to a short-term licensing or upload problem. An unexpected licensing issue or upload problem would help to explain why seasons 2 and 3 have not been added; however, one would assume such issues would have delayed the arrival of season 1 as well.

While Netflix has not released any formal statements directly, outside of what has been shared with those reaching out via the customer support forum, all signs seem to point towards the issue being a temporary one. Hopefully, Netflix will remedy the issue soon, allowing fans to enjoy all three seasons of Hannibal as originally expected.

As soon as additional information regarding the timeline for Hannibal seasons 2 and 3’s Netflix release becomes available, we’ll be sure to provide an update!

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