Fuller House season 5 wasn’t intended to be the show’s final season

Fuller House Season 5 - Credit: Michael Yarish / Netflix
Fuller House Season 5 - Credit: Michael Yarish / Netflix /

Fuller House season 5 wasn’t envisioned to be the show’s final season

If you found yourself wanting more after watching the Fuller House season 5 finale, you’re not alone. While Fuller House season 5 might have served as the final season of the beloved Netflix comedy, ending the series after its fifth season wasn’t what the cast or creative team originally envisioned.

After five seasons and 75 episodes, Fuller House came to a close in an emotional finale that featured the long-anticipated triple wedding as DJ and Steve, Stephanie and Jimmy, and Kimmy and Fernando said their I Do’s in front of family and friends.

While it seemed like the family was about to go their own ways — with Kimmy, Fernando and Romona moving away to a new city and Stephanie, Jimmy and Dani moving closer to Uncle Monty’s — the writers threw fans a few final plot twists in the final scene of the series.

After saying their goodbyes, Kimmy and Stephanie decided they couldn’t imagine raising their families any other way than together under DJ’s roof. Not only did the writers assure fans the Tanner-Fuller gang would remain together under one rood, but it was also revealed that the family would be growing again as Stephanie announced she was pregnant!

Although the finale did a nice job of tying up many loose ends, it felt as though the series had ended a bit prematurely. As it turns out, part of the open-ended ending seems to stem from the fact that Fuller House season 5 wasn’t envisioned to be the show’s final season.

When speaking with Insider about the show’s final season, star Candace Cameron Bure revealed the original expectation was for the show to run for six seasons:

"“Well, the thought or the intent behind all of us was that it was going to go six seasons,” Cameron Bure revealed. “And I mean, we were thrilled that we had five. I know there was some disappointment though that we didn’t have the sixth season, but there are other network reasons, we aren’t privy to that information, as to why they made that decision one season early.”"

Will Fuller House season 6 happen at Netflix or on another network?

Considering the many storylines left unresolved by Fuller House season 5, it’s easy to get a sense of where the show might have gone in a sixth season. It’s likely season 6 would have focused on married life for the She-Wolf Pack as well as Stephanie’s pregnancy, and let’s not forget about the storylines that could have been explored with Ramona and Jackson’s senior year.

So could a sixth season of Fuller House become a reality?

While the entire cast has made it abundantly clear how much they enjoy playing these characters and working alongside one another, there does not seem to be any plans for a sixth season at this time. However, the cast has been extremely open to the idea of returning for another revival in the future and there’s always the rare chance Netflix surprises fans down the line with a reunion special.

Fuller House season 5 is streaming now on Netflix.

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