Netflix’s The Wrong Missy is the right amount of raunchy

 Netflix’s The Wrong Missy is a raunchy comedy that resonates

Not everyone likes Adam Sandler’s brand of comedy. Nor does everyone like the movies Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, makes. But there’s a reason Netflix ordered four more movies from the studio. They’ve definitely found a niche audience on the streaming service.

You don’t have to be a die-hard Happy Madison fan to like The Wrong Missy, but you do have to at least like a few of their films to appreciate it. One good gauge would be Murder Mystery. Others would be Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo, The Hot Chick, The House Bunny, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. 

If you didn’t like those, stop here. The Wrong Missy will definitely not be right for you.

However, if you like any of those, keep reading. The Wrong Missy may be just the kind of comedy you’re looking for.

The plot

It’s been nine months since Tim Morris (David Spade) had his heart crushed by his ex-fiance Julia (Sarah Chalke), who left him for Rich (Chris Witaske).

Tim goes on a blind date that starts off on an awkward note for him, but a hilarious one for viewers.

His date texts him what she’s wearing and where she’s sitting at the bar in the restaurant they meet at. Tim approaches the woman only to find she’s pregnant.

No problem. He won’t hold it against her –but her husband might. He doesn’t know how, but he knows Tim’s wires got crossed somewhere.

In steps his real date, Missy (Lauren Lapkus) who has sort of put him to a test using the unsuspecting expecting couple. Tim passes the tests. Hey, if he’s going to buy a pregnant lady dinner, he’s either into some really freaky stuff or he’s a really good guy.  Either way is fine with Missy, who is wrong in every sense of the word.

She’s obnoxious, inappropriate and she’s clearly got a screw loose. Tim can’t wait to get away from her. He breaks his ankle trying to climb out of the bathroom window in an attempt to ditch his date.

After recovering from that disastrous encounter, Tim decides its safer to stay single, even though his best work buddy, Nate (Nick Swardson), won’t stop bugging him to get over it and try again.

But Tim is stubborn –until he literally collides with his dream girl, Melissa (Molly Sims), in an airport.

After innocent non-alcoholic drinks leads to a near-miss rendezvous in a janitor’s closet, Melissa runs off to catch her flight, but not after getting Tim’s number.

When he gets a text later, he naturally assumes it’s from his dream girl, Melissa. They begin exchanging a lot of odd, but still steamy, texts.

When Nate learns Tim’s dream girl is smart, successful and a former beauty queen, he relentlessly urges Tim to invite her to their company’s corporate retreat. A woman like that would really make a good impression on their new boss.

Tim thinks it’s too soon. They only met once after all. But Nate –who’s all up in Tim’s electronic business and cyber-spies on all of his devices –takes it upon himself to ask Missy to the retreat on Tim’s behalf. He also takes it upon himself to book her plane ticket when she says yes.

And that’s when this comedy really takes off.

That’s just wrong

Tim’s reaction when Missy –as in his blind date Missy– joins him in first class on the way to the retreat in Hawaii is only the first of many guffaws the poor man must endure.

It’s amazing he survived the flight. She gives him a dog tranquilizer –against his will– and then proceeds to do some very private things in their not-so-private seats. Yes. While he’s unconscious. Much to the displeasure of those around him.

Between flashing her Sheila (it’s not what you think it is) and getting kicked out of places to summoning her inner Hellstar or chumming the waters for shark while Tim’s swimming in them, he never knows what Missy will do next. Or if he’ll survive her antics.

Mrs. Right or Mrs. Wrong?

What happens when the Missy Tim really intended to invite, as in beauty queen Melissa, finally shows up? Will Tim be overjoyed, or will he realize his heart now belongs to the wrong Missy?

As far as Netflix originals and Happy Madison movies go, I think this one is a winner. Raunchy comedies aren’t for everyone, but if you’re in the mood to watch one, The Wrong Missy may be right for you, too.