5 good shows on Netflix to watch on Memorial Day weekend 2020

Control Z makes the list of 5 good Netflix shows to watch from May 23 to 24

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices of content on Netflix right now, you’ve come to the right place. You only have a few hours at the weekend, and you need to make them count. Use them on this list of good Netflix shows this Memorial Day weekend.

The list is made up of various genres. Whether you want a zombie apocalypse or you’re looking for something funny, we’ve got you covered.

The Flash season 6

Let’s start with a CW series that dropped during the week. You know you’ve been waiting for its arrival all year! The Flash season 6 is available to binge-watch in full. This includes the Arrowverse crossover episode. Batwoman, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow are on their way to watch all five episodes together.

Sweet Magnolias season 1

This week finally saw the release of the highly-anticipated Netflix original Sweet Magnolias. Now is the time to binge-watch all eight episodes, and you won’t regret it. The series follows lifelong friends who lift each other up. Whether it’s relationship struggles, family problems, or their careers are on the line, they’re there for each other—and that’s the way friendship should work.

Betaal season 1

How about a fictional horror series for the weekend? Betaal is one of the latest Netflix shows from India, focusing on a zombie apocalypse. A British Indian Army officer, Betaal, must protect a remote village from impending doom with the help of his battalion and the Indian police. You can never go wrong with a zombie series.

Selling Sunset season 2

If you’re on the hunt for an unscripted show, it’s time to turn your attention to Selling Sunset. The second season is now available, giving you more hours of binge-watching. This season will see more drama as the LA real estate agents battle it out to sell luxury homes to affluent buyers. A new agent joins the team and is going to make her mark as quickly as possible.

Control Z season 1

If you love Elite, there’s no way that you want to overlook Control Z. The Spanish teen drama focuses on a hacker who is willing to release all the secrets he (or she) has. When those secrets are out, the lives of students at El Colegio Nacional will never be the same again. Outcasts become the bullies, the popular kids lose their status, and everyone is considered a suspect.

Which Netflix shows are you watching this weekend? Share in the comments below.

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