The Lovebirds is an action rom-com full of funny banter

The Lovebirds starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani is a must-watch Netflix movie

The Lovebirds is an action-comedy about a couple who gets trapped in a criminal conspiracy the moment they break up. Spoilers ahead!

The Lovebirds was initially scheduled as a theatrical release but moved to Netflix because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the type of movie that would benefit greatly from a laughing audience, but it’s still a fun watch at home.

Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani) and Leilani (Issa Rae) spend the day together after what should have been a one night stand. Their connection seems strong and lovey-dovey before we jump four years in the future. The same couple is living together and having a heated argument mostly about The Amazing Race.

After getting ready, the couple starts driving over to a friend’s dinner party. They are still arguing and casually mention they should break up. But then their awkward car ride is halted when a bicyclist crashes into their windshield. Somehow, the bicyclist survives the crash and quickly rides away in a panic.

Seconds later, a man claiming to be a cop takes over driving their car while Jibran and Leilani assist him in following the bicyclist. The situation turns from bad to worse when the man, later nicknamed Moustache (Paul Sparks), runs over the bicyclist multiple times. Moustache flees the scene when he hears a cop car nearby. The couple is shocked that they just witnessed a murder, and they are worried people will believe they killed the bicyclist.

They run away from the scene of the crime and eventually decide to begin a quest to prove their innocence. Both the cops and the criminals responsible for the killing pursue Jibran and Leilani.

The Lovebirds is an action-packed romantic comedy fueled by Nanjianai and Rae’s comedic chemistry. Their flirting is sweet, and they make the movie work through sheer star appeal.

The plot’s design is to place Jibran and Leilani in strange situations, including stumbling upon a cult where members wear masks and have orgies. There aren’t any majorly supporting characters that have much character development, so the primary focus is on building back the couple’s relationship after it crumbled at the beginning.

Jibran and Leilani’s banter will give you some laughs. They are constantly taking jabs at each other, and their bickering tends to get them in more trouble.

The Lovebirds delivers where it matters, which is the couple is an undeniably appealing pair.

Give The Lovebirds a watch if you’re in the mood for a few laughs and some entertaining action.

The Lovebirds is now streaming on Netflix!

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