The Umbrella Academy season 2 release date officially set

The Umbrella Academy. Image Courtesy Netflix
The Umbrella Academy. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix has officially announced The Umbrella Academy season 2 release date.

Get your calendar, planners, or schedulers out. Netflix has officially set the date for The Umbrella Academy season 2. The family of misfit superheroes determined to save the world is coming back much sooner than you think.

Making the announcement via a video posted on their official social media channel, Netflix has confirmed The Umbrella Academy season 2 will drop on July 31, 2020.

This will give you plenty of time to binge-watch the first season all over again to remind yourself of the adventures Vanya, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, and Number Five underwent.

Considering it has been over a year since the first season dropped on Netflix you will no doubt need the reminder. If you are not up to binge-watching the series though, you can catch up with our recap right here.

Check out The Umbrella Academy season 2 announcement video below: 

Season 2 will see some new additions to the series. Confirmed cast members joining the series include Marin Ireland, Rita Arya, and Yusuf Gatewood. Other minor cast members have also been confirmed.

The plot of the new season will see the cast go back in time with the aim of undoing what happened in season 1. Specific details about the plot are vague and for those of you who have devoured the Dark Horse graphic novels by Gerard Way you are at no great advantage compared to those of you who have not.

While The Umbrella Academy is certainly based on the comic book series. There are significant differences between the Netflix original and the source material. Season 2 is expected to b the same. Aspects of the graphic novel will be used, but it will not be a direct copy of the source material.

Lastly, expect season 2 to end on a cliffhanger of some sort. Netflix has reportedly renewed the original for a third season, meaning the writers can stretch out storylines across multiple seasons. So, when you binge-watch the season on July 31, expect to have it end with you wanting more straight away.

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