Lucifer season 5: Showrunner gifts fans with new Deckerstar set photo

Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix
Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Showrunner shares new Lucifer season 5 behind the scenes set photo.

It’s been quite the hellatus for Lucifer fans. Months removed from the season 4 finale, fans are still waiting for news on when Lucifer season 5 will premiere and Netflix has been particularly tight-lipped when it comes to releasing new information.

While the cast and crew have been limited in what they can say about the upcoming fifth season and seem to be as much in the dark as fans on the season 5 release date, they’ve been gradually dropping tidbits to help tie fans over.

Among the many individuals who has been dropping unexpected teases has been Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson. It wasn’t long ago Henderson spilled the details about a super-sized scene from Lucifer season 5 and now he’s gifted fans with an even better tease: a behind the scenes photo from the set!

Participating in the trending Last Normal Photo fun, Henderson shared a new photo from the set of Lucifer season 5 featuring stars Lauren German and Tom Ellis. In the photo, which Henderson notes was snapped shortly before production on season 5 shut down, German and Ellis seem to be enjoying a break in filming longing out shoulder-to-shoulder in a luscious field.

Lucifer season 5: Did Joe Henderson just offer our first look at Heaven?

While we could perhaps be reading too much into Henderson’s tweet, we can’t help but wonder whether the caption of Henderson’s photo offers up a hint as to the setting of the image.

In describing the image notice the use of the phrase “God what a gorgeous day” in describing the setting of the photo. Sure maybe we’re jumping to conclusions, but the use of “God” within the caption of the image has us curious as to whether perhaps we may have just gotten our first glimpse at the show’s version of Heaven.

The backdrop of the photo is incredibly picturesque with the beautiful flowers, quaint lake, and stunning mountains in the backdrop and definitely gives off peaceful and heavenly vibes. Or perhaps the location is a piece of Heaven on Earth, maybe a location in which Lucifer and Chloe have a face-to-face with God? After all, we know God is coming in season 5.

Of course, this is all speculation but one thing is certain. The behind the scenes photo is enough to bring joy to our Deckerstar loving hearts!

We’ll be sure to pass along any information about Lucifer season 5, including the season 5 release date, as soon as it becomes available.

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